May 18th, 2018
* A goblin earring is now usable by Warriors only instead of not usable by them.
* Fixed a bug with the 'identify' spell showing 'Invalid Spell' when there was no spell in that slot at all.
* Hylga, the barkeep, can now be targeted as bartender, and barkeeper.
* The oaken staff of the woodlands now gives protection from undead instead of protection for undead.
* The Plant innate branch now checks the same flags as bash.
* The mace of mentality can no longer be acquired from bartender quests.
* A minotaur anti-paladin is now an Anti-Paladin instead of Warrior.
* Blighter specs now have the shield block skill.
* The locker sort (equip sort) options have been cleaned up a bit.
 -You can now "equip sort ? types" to get a list of categories, as well as "equip sort ? <category>" to get items in each category.
 -The coloring on the locker chests should be better now.
 -Sorting locker chests by class should no longer be offset by 1 class.
* The 'regeneration' spell now allows you to regen in battle again.
* Monk %max health hits now do touch damage.  That means you can now vamp from them.
* PC pets can no longer be quest mobs (flags shouldn't show, and quests shouldn't work).
* Single-kill boons no longer show the line "You have killed 1 of 1 ..." since it's superfluous.
* You now always have access to your own locker (so you can "enter locker <your name>" instead of just "enter locker" if you want to.
* A wild rabbit from Bloodstone Keep is now a Herbivore instead of Human.
* Trying to unlock a keyless chest now gives the proper response.
* Pets charmed with 'song of charming' now have their own flag, so the dismiss command works properly for other pets.
* Shopkeeper corpses are now sent to a special room only accessible by Imms.
 -This is to prevent killing shop keepers for their stuff and reselling it to them, yet allowing us to keep track (for a limited time) of items sold.
* Barantoosil from Charing now sells a few things.
* The descriptions for sunblade, longsword of Justice no longer refer to it as a whip.
* You can no longer room kick someone through a locked door, even if they have passdoor up.
 -The same applies from room kicks from the spell 'squall'.
* The ansi from being poisoned in various means has been fixed.
* The Kobolds in The Kingdom of Torg are now actually Kobolds.
* When typing list in a room where you can make a guild, the sign now has proper spacing.
* Mobs that have their own hit type messages (ie plant crushes vs hits), now vamp when not wielding a weapon if they have vamp touch.
* Plant innate branch can now be used with vamp touch.
* A new toggle, toggle barter, is available to turn on / off the use of treasures to purchase items when you don't have the money.
 -Magical essences (that add item effects) are now flagged (magic) so you can no longer accidently barter them off.
* The rename code should now update guilds as well, so you no longer get kicked next time you log in, while a "ghost listing" of your old name remains in the guild.
* The rename code should also now work properly regarding ships in all cases (was looking for ships with the new owner name instead of old to update).

May 8th, 2018
* Reset zone alignments.
* Bartender quest max set to 20 at all levels.

November 7th, 2017
* Changed 'eq sort earring' to 'eq sort ear'.
* The Undead Outpost is now actually a real Undead hometown.  There are no crimes there however.
* Orog Encampment is now an Evil hometown (again, no crimes though).
* Nax is now a Neutral hometown (no crimes).
* Invasion alarms sound a bit more often.
 -Alarms for Evil hometowns turned on.
* Race Deva is now officially a Theurgist pet race.
* When making a new character and selecting a hometown, you can now type either a prefix of the first word of the hometown, or a full word.
 -Examples: 'Thar' -> Tharnadia - City of Humans, 'life' -> The Plains of Life.
* When encountering errors with hometowns, Evils will now be assigned to Shady Grove instead of Tharnadia - City of Humans.
* The fraglist command now checks for abbreviations only, not in-fixes ('frag war' no longer goes to mountain dWARf, but to WARrior).
 -You now see what fraglist you're looking at (ie Frag Information for Warrior:).
* The Royal Bank in Plane of Fire, Brass now has a mithril bank counter and exchanges money like a proper bank.
 -However, only Neutral racewar can enter lockers there since it's not a hometown.
* Fixed a crashbug involving custom chests losing their keywords.
* Fixed the references to Eastern Daylight Time; we are now on Eastern Standard Time.
 -This is now changed with just setting a boolean EST on or off.
* Shopkeepers no longer keep junk in their inventories.
* When purchasing something at a shopkeeper that produces said item, it should now replenish properly (no longer is the produced item moved to #1 on the shopping list).
* You will now see "<mob> moves to a different position." during those moments where they were suddenly standing.
 -PC pets do not 'move to a different position' anymore.
 -PC pets will still auto-stand with the regular stand message about every 8-9 sec.

November 4th, 2017
* Lockers fully re-enabled..
 -The bug with lockers duplicating cash is fixed.
 -The bug with lockers causing crashes via dropping coins is fixed.
 -The bug with lockers causing people to be sent to The Void if they couldn't afford locker charges is fixed.
 -The order of items in chests / locker room / containers should stay constant now.
* When dropping coins with toggle echo on, it now shows the amount and coin type dropped.
* Renting / entering game no longer reverses the order of items in containers.
* There is now a message for when a Summoner fails an attempt at 'contain being'.
* Fixed a crashbug with mortals looking at exits leading to nowhere.

November 2nd, 2017
Lockers re-enabled.. enjoy.

October 31st, 2017
* The command practice all no longer crashes the mud if used without a teacher present.
* The spell 'feeblemind' should no longer crash the mud.
* Major overhaul of locker code.
 -Only visible change should be an increase in help / sort options.
 -You can now equip sort <weapon type> (longsword / mace / axe etc).
* Bards are now flagged as semi-casters.
 -This means they don't get any first or second circle spells.
 -The spell 'mirror image' has been moved to 3rd circle for Bards.
* Secondary-hand bonus dexterity attacks have been fixed.
* Monk barehand damage color fixed in attributes.
* The order command now works right when ordering 2.zombie or such.
* All object timers are now saved instead of just the first four.
 -This only affects the staff of blue flames right now.
* The spell 'ray of enfeeblement' now has a fail message to caster.
* You can now mount your own pets even if they are aggressive to stuff.
* When using the trample command, your mount now unhides and goes visible.
* When moving to a new room, your mount now unhides.
* All undead are now immune to the decay effects of the Negative Plane.
* PC pets now have a 30 second feign death timer.
* Fixed a bug where some items being in the primary hand could cause a divide-by-zero error when doing damage.
* a shady chemist now targets as shady or chemist.
* Changes to innate command:
 -You must now use the full name of the innate as part of the command (only the last word can be abbreviated).
 -Examples: 'inn plane shift air' or 'inn plane s air' but no longer 'inn plane air'.
    'innate bite dog' or 'inn b dog' would work for innate biting a dog.
 -You can now list a single innate with 'innate list <innate name>'.
* Changes to the spells 'decaying flesh' and 'putrefying flesh':
 -Cast times have been reduced by 67%, but there is now post-cast lag equivalent to the reduction in cast time.
 -The number of waves for 'decaying flesh' is now static at 3, and 'putrefying flesh' is 4 or 5 at levels 51+.
 -The dot damage from the spells is now equivalent to the base damage of consume + a very small bonus for multiple stacks.
* Changes to the consume command:
 -The consume command no longer consumes two stacks if there's only one.
 -The damage for consume has a base of 8 to 12 (level dependent) with a multiplier ranging from 1 to 2 based on the number of stacks.
 -This damage is applied (slightly randomized) once for each stack consumed (stops if victim dies).
 -The way spells are regained through consume has been tweaked:
   -You start with one point towards regaining a spell.
   -You gain one point each time a stack is consumed.
   -If you have 'putrefying flesh' un-prayed, you will attempt to gather four points.
   -Otherwise, you will attept to gather two points.
   -When four points are gathered, you will regain one 'putrefying flesh' at the cost of four points.
   -If you don't have any un-prayed 'putrefying flesh', you will will regain one 'decaying flesh' when two points are gathered at the cost of two points.
   -If you reach a point where no more stacks will be consumed (none left or dead victim) and have 'putrefying flesh' un-prayed, yet only two or three points, you will regain one 'decaying flesh'.
* Mukrok, the guardian troll is now really a Troll.
* Shop keeper overhaul:
 -DE updated to version 3.10 to reflect changes.
 -In DE, you can now see and set some of the act2 bits on NPCs.
 -There is now an act2 bit for shop keepers (not settable, done automatically).
 -The order of commands in DE has changed slightly to reflect this.
 -Shop keepers no longer operate under a shop_keeper proc.  This means that shop keeper + bartenders retain their bartender proc in the proper place, as well as mobs with regular procs.
 -This means you should now see the appropriate (Q), (Q), or (Q) flag if you have toggle quest on.
 -All zone files with shopkeepers have been updated to get the new shopkeeper act2 flag.
 -Shop keepers who's shops are flagged no-roam no longer wander when the keeper is not flagged sentinel.
 -When not in their shop room, non-roaming shop keepers now try to return there when someone executes a command in the room they're in.
* Random mob long descriptions are now full sentences and end with a newline (as it should be).
* All races now get heights and weights (and are set on NPCs too).
* Unarmed people have at least 1d4 base damage.
* Fixed a couple of typos in disguise.
* Castle Gate rooms (can be read gate-guard rooms of outposts) are !exp from pve now.
* Locker fixes:
 -Guild lockers no longer dupe when two people try to enter the same guild's locker.
 -The cost of entering a locker with more than 400 items has been reduced (unless >2000 items).
 -When trying to update an old locker file, the MUD no longer loads the owner's pfile and drops their equipment at their last save point.
 -Instead, old lockers should all update properly.
* Stampede hit chance and lag have been tweaked: level difference now has a 2% per point effect, agility of victim now decreases chance, and base chance is random based on whether or not the victim has aware.

October 10th, 2017
* If you insist on afk'ing in zones with a timer / trigger to stop your character from voiding, you must have offensive off!  Actively participating via getting engaged by area spells etc is unacceptable.  Especially for non-casters.

October 6th, 2017
* The icecrown of the frost revenants and the boots of inertia are not currently in game due to issues.

October 3rd, 2017
* Fixed ship crew bug and restored ship crew exp.
* You can now 'look in <ship>' to see inside non-battleship ships with less than 10 rooms.
 -You see more with farsee.
* Having toggle terse on no longer hides spell damage messages.

* All shambling mounds are now race Plant.
* A tarnished gold key from The Keep of Evil no longer breaks.
* You can no longer trample without footing.
* Damroll now affects damage done by sweeping thrust.  Damage from weapon dice on sweeping thrust increased.
* Trying to 'practice all' at a non-caster teacher no longer gives you spam messages.
* A shadow monster can no longer be targeted as elemental.
* Orcs and Githyanki now have newbie starter bags.
* A lot of damage messages should now use the battle alert -=[ .. ]=- and -=[ .. ]=- brackets.
* Falling on your face from a badly failed combination attack now puts you prone.
* Ship crews now have an exp cap of 2 times the captain's level squared (6272 exp at level 56).

September 28th, 2017
* Overhaul of the weather code:
 -Weather now only exists on the surface map and Tharn ruins (and zones connected to them).
 -The spell 'control weather' now works properly (not available atm).
* There is now a zone flag to flag zones at Underdark.
 -Right now, only BogenTok, The Twisting Tunnels of the Durian Underdark, and The Depths of Duris are flagged as UD.
* The command 'world stats' now lines up properly.
* Attempting to home (via the 'home' command) should now respond better and be nicer to Imms.
* Memtimes should be reduced slightly.
* Avengers should now be partial casters and not semi-casters (lowest spell circle 4 not 3).
* Reavers now get 'magic missile' at third circle not second, and they no longer get 'chill touch'.
* Ice Reavers now get 'frost bolt' at fifth circle not fourth.
* Paladins now get 'bless' at third circle not second.
* The age old bug where people were seeing the possibility of memming in circles they don't have has been fixed.
* The shutdown code has been tweaked such that we can now initiate a copyover at boot, even if a countdown has not been initiated.
* The ghost of Gilman Quintaragon, Conjurer, in Quintaragon Castle, is now a Conjurer.
* Mobs that have 'group stornogs spheres' now use it when appropriate.
* Having a shield in a primary or secondary hand now prevents the bonus dexterity attack with that hand.
* The spell 'faerie sight' now requires some faerie dust to give DI.
 -It now gives detect good, detect evil, and detect magic by default and farsee with some faerie dust.
* Spells should no longer give multiple wear-off messages.
* The mud no longer attempts to check for gaining an epic level when a character isn't high enough level to need epics.
* Mobs now use innate strength when appropriate.
* The skill sweeping thrust got a considerable rework.
 -A lot of the messages have been tweaked.
 -The damage amounts should show if toggle damage is on.
 -The chance modifiers for level and stat difference have been tweaked.
* A typo in the pipe-destruction message for smoking was fixed (no double articles).
* A drow bard in The Docks of Quietus Quay is now actually a Bard.
* There is now a way out of the epic portion of The Keep of Evil.
* The look out command should now work again on ferries.
* The various vitality spells are now mutually exclusive with the effects of some heirloom Blue Haze.
* The recite command has been tweaked:
 -Reciting a scroll with multiple offensive spells will not stop upon killing it's target, but continue to cast the remaining spells at the next target of the same name (ie 'rec scroll 2.ladybug' will potentially kill 2., then 3., then 4. ladybug).
* The spell 'identify' has been tweaked:
 -The help file has been updated to reflect the chance of inaccuracy (which has always been there).
 -It is also a little more colorful and neat now.
* The typo where attempting to get all from an empty container gives a non-capitalized sentence in response is fixed.
* -=(PvP)=- achievements now look neater (effects unchanged).
* A carrot had a few typos fixed in its short and long descriptions.
* Duris's attempt to auto-capitalize sentences has been tweaked to skip leading spaces and non-alphabet characters.
* Duris now attempts to capitalize every sentence in an "act() sequence."
 -Noticeable when a mob has a multi-sentence room message and such.
* The message for using forge has been tweaked slightly.
* The prevention of dimming to mobs with the COVER flag has been replaced with an actual NO_PORT flag.
 -This means you can dim to COVER mobs again.
 -The code for checking all 'dimension door'-type spells is now located in one function.
 -This includes windwalk, dimension door, shadow travel, and spirit jump.
 -The NO_PORT flag isn't set on any mobs yet.
 -The NO_PORT flag also applies to portal spells, such as 'wormhole'.
* You can now smoke your herbs in all Underdark flagged rooms.

September 19th, 2017
* Using bad ansi in a 'soc n' command no longer hangs the mud.
* Mobs using their bite abilities now run out of poison like PCs do.
* Mobs should now only cast (un)holy word if they have the alignment to do so.
* You should no longer lose an extraordinary amount of exp if you die on a circle level.
* AI for mobs that get ranged has been tweaked.
* Just a reminder, you use 'auction pickup' to get platinum from your donations.

September 16th, 2017
* The terminate command now requires a reason and is logged in the cheaters file.
* Your local drug dealer is now known as a shady chemist.
* The cycle_mud script no longer goes to sleep if it's exiting (not bringing the MUD back up).

September 16th, 2017
* It is cheating to range to death mobs who can not track to you.
* It is also considered botting to have your character actively progressing (exp or skills) while you're not at keys.

September 15th, 2017
* We have wiped!!!
* This wipe is gonna be a no gimmick wipe.
 -So, don't expect anything out of the ordinary.
 -Nothing has changed as far as exp / group caps / etc.
 -The level cap is at 56 and will remain there for this wipe.
 -The only change to the rules is that being botted by another player while you're afk is illegal and will be punished.
* Mobs flagged with cover are no longer dimmable.
 -Sa'Dah is now flagged with cover.

September 5th, 2017
* A new command 'chaos' has been added.  Type 'chaos ?' or "chaos help' for details.
* Up to 1500 random mobs will auto-load until wipe.
 -There is now a boon for a top-tier faerie bag upon killing a random mob.
* Changed 'time' command to show EDT instead of EST.
* The mud now defaults to auto-approval of new characters again.
* Mobs are at 1% max health until wipe (Minimum 1 max hp).

September 5th, 2017
* Chaos Policy (this has been pretty standard since I've been doing it)
 -Chaos does not begin before the last week of the wipe (It's been shown and shown again that it gets boring fast).
 -Chaos leveling will occur in the fashion such that, on the day before the wipe, 56 will be available.
 -Working back from that, the day before 55 will be available, the day before that 54 will be available.
 -This linear process will continue, starting at level 51 being available on the 9th, 6 days before the wipe.
 -Equipment bags will probably not be given out, but rather we will have a boon that makes all random mobs drop a max-tier faerie bag.
 -This will coincide with spam production of maybe 1000 or 2000 random mobs wandering the map.
 -If I have the time, I will reduce mob hitpoints on the 9th to coincide with the start of chaos.
 *Help file redirects (ie help ships redirects to help ship) are working right again, and now work for 2 word help entries (such as help quick thinker -> help quick thinking).
 *The weird A (Á) that was appearing under Herbs: in score for some clients is gone.
 *The typo that said hardcores got 5 deaths during creation is fixed.

September 1st, 2017
* We will be wiping on September 15th.

July 23rd, 2017
* Max bloodlust for level 50+ is 100% now.  Addicted to blood exp bonus applies to those over level 49 too.

July 8th, 2017
* Max bloodlust doubled.

June 16th, 2017
* The order command now has proper lag again.
* When you 'order followers east' or such, all followers now respond again.

June 14th, 2017
* The order command now has lag again.
* There are now two random boons, which will change shortly after boot and every hour after.

June 14th, 2017
* The spell 'decaying flesh' no longer crashes the mud.
* You can now 'open door' in The Entrance to an Abandoned Temple and A Turn in the Passageway in the Temple of the Earth (after the appropriate switch has been triggered).
* The gnome weaponsmith in Ashrumite Village now sells mining picks and high quality mining picks.
* Overhaul of the order code:
 -You can now order follower to order your first follower in your room.
 -You can now order x.follower to order your xth follower in your room.
 -You can still order followers to order all of your followers in your room.
 -You can still order <name> to order a follower by name.
 -You can now order all.<name> to order all of your followers that go by <name>.

June 7th, 2017
* The epic store has been tweaked a little (prices are the same).
 -You still can't buy in bulk, but will now get an error message instead of buying the wrong item.
 -You can now buy items by name (ie buy bottle buys the first bottle in the list - tormented souls not past experiences).
* Typo fixed: The High Mountain Trial is now The High Mountain Trail.
* The pets of a Diabolis now have more hps.
* Hitpoints for Necroancer pets in general have a slightly higher average, slightly lower cap, and lower variance.
* Zealots now get innate aura of protection (blue), and Healers get innate aura of spell protection (magenta).
* The innate improved skewer is back in the game for Dark Knights and Crusaders.
 -This affects the chance to skewer not the duration or anything else.
* The damage from tainted blade has been tweaked.
* Violators gained a new spell in 9th circle, 'putrefying flesh'.
 -This is similar to decaying flesh but adds 3 (as opposed to 1) stacks for up to a total of 9 (instead of 5).
 -The damage from these two spells has been tweaked, as well as the consume option.
* Enslavers now do more damage with psychic crush as well as have a slightly better chance to bash/stun the victim.
* Controllers can no longer summon Vampires, Angels, Zombies, nor Eladrin.
* Summoners can no longer conjure elite mobs.
* Thadeus Crav is now an elite mob.
* Runestones/monoliths are no longer takeable.  They have also gained a distaste for being inside containers (including corpses) or in the hands of PCs.
 -If they realize they're in such a state, they make their way to the floor.
* The Great Shaboath once again pops when empty.
* A Jagged Pinnacle, the first room after entering pentagram in The Realm of Barovia Continued is no longer portable.
* The rooms of the primary part of the Negative Material Plane are now flagged as Negative Plane and require protection from undead in order to traverse them unharmed.
* A few circumstances where you were underwater but could breathe without water breathing have been removed.
 -This means you will drown on the Water Plane without it.
* Druids have managed to link the base of The Pale Tree in Abandoned Elven Homestead to the Temple of the Earth via touching stones.
* A Black Marble Hallway south of Lord Du'Maathe is no longer portable.
* A huge dracolich at the beginning of Vecna's Tomb now blocks people from leaving north.
* The survivor of Nital now loads hidden.
* The Palace Library in The Keep of Evil is no longer portable.
* A nefarious pit fiend from Avernus in the Valley of the Snow Ogres is now a much more uncommon sight.
 -Also, he only carries a gory string of cyclops eyes half the time.
* The sphere of wind now loads on Akadi and the dagger of Wind now loads on Yan-C-Bin Prince of the Elemental Plane of Air.
* An ancient ki-rin at the beginning of Bahamut's Palace now blocks people from walking east.
* A general overhaul of the fishing submitted by Sniktiorg.
 -Includes new underdark fish.
 -Includes a direction from whence the sounds of fishing comes.
* Strained Lungs will now show in score for when you've been smoking too recently to smoke more.
* Mild precipitation no longer stops people from smoking.

June 5th, 2017
* Skills display tweaked.
* The spell 'planetary alignment' should now show 'You feel weaker.' instead of 'Your feel weaker.' when wearing off.
* The blacksmith in The City of Newhaven now has a proper message for selling things.
* The crumbling locket of air now targets as air instead of fire.
* When unable to repair objects, shop keepers should now all have a generic repair-fail message (instead of using the sell-fail message).

May 10th, 2017
* The Tharnadian Armoury now has a forge.
* A handcarved pipe is no longer 45 copper.
* Numerous typos fixed.
* You will now start with newbie eq when using the auto-level option.
* Pipes break a little easier now.
* There are now messages when the various effects of smoking wear off.
* The various effects of smoking now show in score.
* Added a few Immortal commands.

May 7th, 2017
* A new zone, Arcorar - the Great King Forest, has been added south of Arcium, the Plagued Kingdom.
* The default toggles for new characters should now be set properly when using the auto-level option.

May 5th, 2017
* The level limit for the UC Nexus has been raised to 50.
* Innate phantasmal form no longer crashes the mud when a NPC uses it.  Cheaters.
* There's now a message when you can smoke more.
* There's now an option to start at levels (up to 31) higher than level 1 when creating a character.

April 29th, 2017
* Summoner cooldown of their conjure skill has been tweaked to be faster.
* The skill 'expert riposte' now has a message to go along with it.
* Removed the whole offensive off change.
* The Necromancer spell 'slashing darkness' no longer does double-chill-touch damage.
* The epic stone in the Ruined Temple of Tezcatlipoca has been moved to Bard Faust, The Lord of Darkness.
* The Mercenary innate that stops people from fleeing is now Brigand only.

April 15th, 2017
* The 'offensive off' command no longer works with physical attacks.
* The spell 'enervation' was tweaked to match the vamp cap of the rest of the vamp options.
* The terrifying visage of the great wraith Dranum is now Max Constitution instead of regular.
* Random equipment should now have apply moves / hitpoints again.

April 12th, 2017
* Shared nexus tasks should now work right.
* Non-Reavers should no longer get combat pulse from the spell 'kanchelsis fury'.
* The spell 'feeblemind' no longer crashes the mud.
* Dragon breath no longer engages you when you have offensive off.

April 6th, 2017
* Random equipment should be more suitable for those who acquire it (ie int gear for Sorcerers).
* Shop messages should now display properly (Shop keepers still won't tell you anything if they can't see you).
* Gnomes get calming at level 31.

April 1st, 2017
* Summoner multiclasses should now be limited to summoning within their realm of knowledge.
 -A Haruspex is a multiclassed Summoner / Shaman.  They can conjure as if specialized as a Naturalist.
 -An Archmage is a multiclass Summoner / Sorcerer.  They can conjure as if specialized as a Mentalist.
 -An un-specialized, non-multiclassed Summoner can not conjure.
 -Due to the mental difficulties of being a multiclass, Summoners must contain all the conjures they want before multiclassing.

March 26th, 2017
* The top fragger / total frags shown in the society list are now correct, as well as the data in 'frag guild'.
* The staff of blue flames must be wielded in order to have the globe of darkness work.
* The Bard song, 'song of healing', is now affected by empower song.
* The command 'prestige' now works again.
* The spells 'mage flame' and 'globe of darkness' now show under Enchantments in score.

March 21st, 2017
* A dead mouse is now takeable.
* Outpost upkeep for multiple outposts increased.
* The command order maproom now ends with a newline.

March 18th, 2017
* Frost Magus once again get the spell 'arieks shattering iceball' in 10th circle.
* A LARGE green ioun stone now procs the spell 'regeneration'.

March 13th, 2017
* A new subcommand 'society <online|i>' lists only guild members who are online.
* Pirate ship names no longer ansi-bleed, and Destroyed weapons should space appropriately.
* A bug with Illusionist pets stealing frags has been fixed.
* Forest Druids got a boost to their 'natures touch' healing.
* The spells 'vitality' and 'vitalize undead' are now mutually exclusive.
* Immmortals can now pre-approve names using the 'approve add <name>' command.
* When scanning into the 'obscuring mist' spell, the message now gives a direction.
* The Necromancer teacher, Tamor, is now a spec teacher.
* Only Illithids can use the spell 'wormhole' on people who have no-locate toggled on.
* A bug which gave guilds lots of money for going broke on outpost upkeep is fixed.
* The shutdown timer should now display a little better (on the hour, on the 15 min mark, on the 5 min mark, etc).
* Containers and quest items that have load percentages set in zone files now use that percentage instead of being 100% load.
* The targetting for staves has been tweaked; they target everything possible for the most part (ie area).
 -As such, many staves have had their charges dropped slightly.

March 4th, 2017
* a set of gnomish monocles of spell-reading is now a gnomish monocle of spell-reading.
* Earth Reaver spells now take into account their 2h bludgeon at level 53.
* a leather-wrapped stone warhammer no longer pretends to be a spear.
* Downgrade to earthen grasp spells (heavier for PC pets).
* All spears are now actually spears.
* Roland and Ethan are now 50% load mobs instead of having a chance to walk into a trap room (trap room no longer exists).
* Messing up the 'society name ...' command no longer crashes the mud.
* You no longer need to hoard copper, silver, and gold in your guild accounts; the mud has learned to make change for expenses such as outpost upkeep.

February 25th, 2017
* New mining achievement: Do You Rock.
* The proc on a gladius called 'Backstabber' should now target properly.
* The command 'society kick' should now remove titles.
* Sylvandawn is no longer located in the UD.
* The chance to drift via the bard song of drifting is now 3/4 of the time at max skill.
* A marksman's quiver is now an actual quiver.
* A shady Mazewatcher can now be targetted as shady or mazewatcher.
* The spell 'remove curse&' now cures enervation.
* Mining noise on map decreased to a 15 room radius (down from 20 rooms).
* Mining noise can now be heard inside zones (when mining inside the zone).

February 20th, 2017
* Guild issues fixed:
 -Titles no longer stick when kicked while offline.
 -Guild racewar sides should work right now.
* Do You Mine bonus raised from 10% to 15%.

February 9th, 2017
Lohrr says 'don't expect any code from me until Feb 20th about.. new keyboard en route.'

February 8th, 2017
* The spell 'silence' no longer lasts longer when almost saved against.
* Multi-class skill caps fixed.
* A tired bard is now actually a Bard.
* The two-handed weapon bonus no longer applies to all weapons (oops).
* You can now 'equip sort spider' in locker for spider body.
* A mask of pulsating veins now has keyword 'mask'.

February 6th, 2017
* When you delete a guilded character, it is now removed from the guild.
* A glowing globe from The Ancient Halls of Ironstar is no longer takeable.
* The spell 'decaying flesh' should now work correctly.
* Pets can no longer summon mounts.
* You can now smoke in UD-Inside terrain.
* PC pet thieves no longer steal.
* A slab of beef has gone up in price due to supply and demand.  Likewise, the price of fresh clover honey sticks has gone down.
* Ice Reavers now can max 1h bludgeon.
* Track no longer runs into UD-Mountains.
* The great spear of the Tukluks is now a spear.
* A few buggy area-spell zone messages have been fixed.
* The spell 'greater earthen grasp' has been tweaked slightly.

February 4th, 2017
* Yzar is now an Illithid Monk.  Enjoy.

February 3rd, 2017
* Some more level 31 spec skills moved to level 30.
* Misfire now counts correctly (instead of misfiring at 10, now starts at 11 as intended).
* Items flagged No-Sleep are now effective against Beholders.
* Beholder disintegrate no longer completely destroys equipment every failed save; it now does damage to an item.
* The Bard song drifting now works properly.
* You, once again, will misfire when on map (continent based).
* The chance of misfiring now goes from 0 up to max instead of from max down to 0 when the number of people over the limit goes up.
* The extra 2 dexterity attacks (one primary, one secondary) are now granted to unarmed people as if their weapon were weight 0.
* The level cap now moves to 2 days + 1..24 hrs at level 40 (was 51).  Note that this will not affect this wipe.

January 29th, 2017
* Weight bug via weightless containers should be fixed.
* New mining achievement: Do You Mine.
* Minotaurs can now wear horseshoes.
* The drop rate for gems from regular mines increased a bit.

January 27th, 2017
* The proc on an astral metal hammer named 'Frozen Star' is now cold snap and ice spikes.
* When failing an attempted conjure, the cooldown has been reduced, and is now based on Charisma and level.
* A sharp longsword is now 4d4 instead of 1d7.
* Some robes of protection are now usable by Summoners.
* You can not buy level mushrooms until you are level 51.

January 25th, 2017
* Gems from regular mines now have a value so they can be sold.
* Regular mines now have more ore on average.
* The chances of getting a named random item have increased considerably (still must be at least level 11 to get a named drop).

January 23rd, 2017
* When you receive a shared task that is blood or nexus, you can now complete said task.
* Beligron in Arachdrathos - Drow City, is now an Earth Reaver.
* The limit of 20 frags for kills on players under level 40 has been lifted this wipe.
* The chance of getting a named random item has been tweaked.

January 22nd, 2017
* There is now a small chance (based on luck) that you will find a gem in a regular mine.
* Those who make a successful check against their mounted combat skill will not fall off their mount when tackled.
* The spell 'baladors protection' now always gives a small amount of ac (in addition to the protection from *s), but does not give the 'armor' effect as well.

January 20th, 2017
* Ship insurance now goes to the auction house instead of ship coffers when the captain is not online.
* A bracelet of dracolich teeth now gives you ac instead of taking it away.
* The ansi on the spell 'life leech' is fixed.

January 17th, 2017
* Earth Reavers got some spells and stuff.
* The timer on innate stoneskin is now 5 mins.
* Outposts now charge the right guild.
* All epic skills are now refunded when you multiclass.
* When you headbutt and kill your target, you now lag.

January 16th, 2017
* The owner of your ship now gets changed when renaming.
* Mentalists and Fire Magi now get the spell 'immolate' in 9th circle.
* A short crystal javelin is now a spear instead of a dagger.
* A stern paladin is now a Paladin instead of a Druid.
* The damage from backstab now runs from 50% to 100% at skill 1-100 (it was 1% to 100%).
* The search for a valid dim path only requires that you can get to the target (no longer requires that you can make it back).
* Poisoned food does a lot less damage now.
* The effects of some human brains have been shortened.
* A large boulder at the rear entrance to Faang no longer falls into another room at boot.
* A yellow ring of chrysoberyl is now usable by Summoners.
* The level cap now has an additional 1 to 24 hours on the timer (randomly chosen at time of overall cap increase).

January 14th, 2017
* The spell 'acidimmolate' is now Earth Magus and Naturalist only.
* Portals in guildhalls now go to the furthest of the mentioned hometowns (help construct).

January 13th, 2017
* The level cap timer has been reduced to 1 day for under 50, and 2 days for 50+.

January 12th, 2017
* All donations have been reimbursed.  Send your thanks to Ashyel.
* Tala, the Necromancer teacher is now level 51.
* A HUGE rockworm has evolved a memory and now breathes acid.
* Equipment of type armor now has a higher item value based on its ac apply.
* The item value for globe of invulnerability has increased by 5.
* Some flowing spidersilk robes covered in shadows are now prot fire instead of fire prot.
* The 'order sail <dir> <distance>' command now works a little more efficiently.
* You can now 'order maproom' to see the room's title and number.
* The demonic warmace 'Pure-Dark' is now available to BeRSeRKeRs.
* Marianne, the human reaver teacher, no longer breathes.
* The skill 'trample' can only knock down sizes +1 / -1.
* Driders and Centaurs can no longer be knocked down by trample unless the trampler is one size larger.
* The attributes needed for skills in help files have been updated.
* A myrabolan spellbook now has keyword spellbook.
* Certain zone-wide messages are no longer seen when incapacitated / sleeping / deaf.

January 7th, 2017
* The spell 'acidimmolate' is now 9th circle and does damage over pulses.
* Same-side PvP no longer causes misfire.
* Tweaked healing amount on spells 'greater mending' and 'mending'.
* A revolting orange and yellow cloak is now worn about body.
* The prices for pipes has been tweaked.
* Lances now give bludgeon message as well as bludgeon when used in melee.
* The enhance level limit has been tweaked again and is now quadratic instead of linear.

January 6th, 2017
* You now fall off your mount when tackled.
* Monk chant regenerate tweaked (faster regen, less time, better display in score).
* The bug where get / put was causing people to gain / lose carried weight is fixed.
* BIG CHANGE: There must now be a path to and from a room to dim to it.  This means no dimming from fireplane to alatorin or vice versa.
* You can no longer headbutt kneeling / sitting targets.
* You no longer lose skills when dying and losing level (for real this time).
* An obsidian raven from Defense of Longhollow is now all 3 minor spheres and greater animal.

January 4th, 2017
* The spell 'faerie fire' now gives a purple aura instead of purple.
* The shaman spells 'spirit anguish', 'greater spirit anguish', 'soul disturbance' and 'greater soul disturbance' are now all damage type spiritual, instead of type psionic.
* The bug where the empty command could alter your carried weight is fixed.
* Since we are not auto-approving in 5 mins, the message has been changed.
* The bug where skills were dropping to their minimum should now be fixed.
* A sewing needle from Harrow -The Gnome Village is now 4d2 instead of 3d5 and more expensive.
* A beautiful siren from Home of the Divine is now a Bard instead of Anti-Paladin.
* If you spam nchat, you will lose the privilege of using it for a while.
* You can no longer suicide on the Ocean or a Boat while the ocean is in a pvp state.

January 2nd, 2017
* Group caps raised to 20, but misfire still at 10.
* Eased vamping multiplier for non-Anti-Paladins; You now vamp slightly more with doing slightly less damage.

December 29th 2016
* The timer now shows on frag list (this is the time until the next level can be opened).
* The amount of frags one must top to gain control of the level cap now shows on the frag list.
* The amount of frags needed to open the next level now shows on the frag list.
* There is now a (Non-Fraggable) flag for lowbies.
* You can no longer salvage/enhance random weapons.
* You can no longer enhance items with an item level above 2 times your level.
* The frag level cap has been altered to lvl 30, .1 frags, and racewar side None.
 -This was done because of a bug that allowed Evils to gain level 30 without enough frags.
 -This means the first side to get a positive frag total will be able to reach level 30.
 -After the first frag, you need a personal total frags to go above the previous maximum to switch level 30 to your side.

December 26th 2016
* A steel warhammer is now a 2h bludgeon weapon.
* To clarify things, the spell 'contain being' is now spec only.
* Your local dealer should no longer have a ton of potions, nor invis self.
* Yzar is now permenantly A Skeleton and now has a skeletal mount (less moves / hps) to match.
* All locker accesses have been reset (a day or so ago) as this was missed at wipe.
* Skeletons are now eyeless.
* The prices on herbs and pipes has been reduced.
* The amount of time remaining before a new level can be achieved now displays via the frag command.
* The level cap timer is now 1 day for level 20s, 2 days for level 30s, 3 days for level 40s, and 4 days for the 50s.
* The timer has been reset allowing for lvl 28.

December 23rd 2016
* We have wiped.

December 22nd 2016
* Last change that will be in on the 23rd: Misfire code update.
 -Misfiring no longer is based on how many people are within one room; it now checks the whole zone, or, for surface maps, the whole continent.
 -Misfiring no longer occurs until PvP is started; this means no alerting the side that's zoning.
 -Misfire limits per racewar side: 10 for Goods/Evils/Undeads, and 1 for Neutrals.
 -Rather than checking numbers each attack, we now store a misfiring state and number of players in zone / on continent.  This should speed things up considerably.
 -Rather than looking up properties in the properties file, we store a bunch of misfire properties in variables now which, again, should speed things up a good bit.

December 20th 2016
---=== Changes that will be in on the 23rd. ===---
* The bandages in the stores of Khildarak Stronghold are now unlimited.
* Breath weapon damage reduced.  Such damage from pets is now 1/3 damage from 1/4.
* New level cap info:
 -It now steps at .6 frags up from .4.
 -When capped on a circle level, the losing side(s) is(are) not penalized.
 -There is now a timer each time the cap is raised equivalent to 2 days for the first 10 notches, 3 days for the next 10, and 4 days for the final 10.  What this means: the cap will not go up for two days after the first notch from 25 to 26, for 3 days from level 35 to 36, 4 days for 45 to 46.
 -After the timer is up, someone must frag and have enough frags to increase the cap; if you get 20 frags the first day then never log back in, you're frags will only increase the cap from 25 to 26.
 -This means, it will take 3 months to reach level 56 assuming PvP is occurring regularly.
* The damage from two-handed weapon dice has increased 50% (this does not include damroll, just the dice).
* The % increase to load the next item when one item fails to load (due to random load code) has increased from 5% to 25%.  This means if the first two items fail to load, the third's chance is 50+% + 2 * 25% or 100% chance.
* Multiclassing has been re-enabled:
 -You must now reach level 50 to multiclass.
 -Druid/Cleric and Blighter/Cleric multis have ben removed.
* Elven shrug has been reduced.
* Flank damage increased 5%.
* Psionicist hps reduced 5%.
* Psionicists are now limited to Githyanki and Githzerai.
* Ethermancer tupor times reduced slightly.
* Paladins have been made Human only.
* Anti-Paladins have been made Orc only.
* Monks have been made Human/Orc only.
* Duergar Dwarf Reavers are now Earth spec only (Note: Earth spec not finished, but will be worked on this wipe).
* Dwarves can no longer be Druids.
* Duergar can no longer be Blighters.
* Some frost giant mobs are now actually race Frost Giant (which now have stats comparable to regular Giants).
* Some mobs changed from Water Elemental to Ice Elemental.
* Prince Wasephius now has a 20% chance to load his sword and is now a Druid/Warrior so he can wield it effectively.
* The spell 'judgement' should no longer make !fear people flee.
* An illusionist apprentice in The Town of Moregeeth is now actually an Illusionist.
* The constitution bonus for casters has been reduced from 2 to 1.
* A few Reaver spells and skills have been tweaked.
 -The spell 'ferrix precision' now scales a little more with level.
 -The spell 'kanchelsis fury' now scales with level.
* The number of extra dexterity attacks has been changed to 1 for primary hand and 1 for secondary hand.  The new caps are at the str-weight ratios of 6 or 20 and dexterity of 125 or 150.
* Rolling for stats has been made a lot easier.
* Guildhalls are now map-only.
* A shimmering longsword now procs properly.
* You now take more damage from being position sitting than when kneeling.
* Flank and circle damage no longer supercedes position additional damage; now, standing people take the full bonus from flank/circle and non-standing people take 1/2 the flank/circle bonus damage times the bonus from kneeling/sitting/prone.
* The amount of epics gained from a 1.0 frag has increased from 120 to 250.
* Barbarians have regained the groundfighting innate which grants the groundfighting skill at level 21.
* The spell 'razor wind' now pulses faster.
* Ethermancers now get the epic skill chant mastery.
* The spell 'frost beacon' should now last considerably longer.
* When you drink (un)holy water that heals you, you are now lagged slightly.
* Aggressive Bard songs should now target properly.
* A display case in Alatorin - the Forge City is now transparent.
* The exhume skill's cooldown timer is now affected by skill level.
* The spell 'windrage' now gives 2 pulse at 56.
* A flaming sabre from the 'flame blade' spell now grants a higher chance to proc fireball instead of flame strike.
* The spell 'drain nature' now heals like the spell 'natures touch'.
* Potion junkies rejoice!  You can now smoke some herb in your bowl if you go to your local dealer to buy some (dealers can be found in Tharnadia - City of Humans, Shady Grove, and Arachdrathos - Drow City).

November 10th, 2016
---=== Tentative next wipe date December 23rd. ===---
 -No new changes will be copied over until then.

November 3rd, 2016
* An iron golem in Plane of Fire, Brass now blocks the entrance.
* The staff of blue flames now procs globe of darkness when you say dark and works when darkened.

October 31st, 2016
* General help files and bug fix updates.
* A nightmare from an ethereal realm has realised it does not appreciate being ridden anymore.
* The Plains of Life is now a valid newbie zone again.  Leaving this area move you to Ailvio, Duris Newbie Outpost.
* The spell 'natures touch' is now event based instead of hp-regen based.  What this means is more accurate heal exp, as well as a different formula for the healing.  Total healing should be about the same, but will drop off over time instead of be a constant rate each tick.
* The spells 'regeneration' and 'accelerated healing' should now compensate for the changes to hp-regen.

October 28th, 2016
* A crafty magician in the Lost Temple of Tikitzopl will now respond to list and items.
* Tweaked and re-activated Charon's ship which runs from UC to EC.
* Record connections on who list is back (but not current).
* Mobs should no longer bite while incapacitated/slept/mortally wounded.
* The cooldown on Monk auto-stand has increased from half a violence pulse to a full pulse.
* Changes to health regen:
 -Troll regen reduced.
 -Epic bonus health regen changed to an absolute from %.
 -Trolls no longer get Troll + Revenant regen.
 -Stacking hp regen eq / buffs no longer stays linear (diminishing returns now).
* Cooldown for feign death timer has been removed for mobs.
* Feign death timer reduced to 1 minute for Necromancers and 3 for others.

October 22nd, 2016
* The taste command no longer poisons you when you taste something poisoned.  However, it will do a little damage.
* The spell 'frost bolt' now caps at level 30 instead of 14 (?!) and does a little more damage, but can be saved against.
* Mobs will now track through / into no-mob rooms, but not through no-track (a new flag) rooms.
 -Only a few rooms are no-track: Guild rooms, lockers, random zones, and outpost gates.
* Tweaked regen such that it's now an int instead of short (this should stop ppl from going over the max and hitting negative regen).
* Also, resting / sleeping regen is increased.
* Disabled unfinished code for random item smithing (shouldn't affect anyone atm).
* You now fall off your mount if dream-traveled.  Also, dream travel sets your flying-level (currently unused unless on a flying carpet / dragon / etc)>
* The Windows and Linux versions of DE are synched (Yes, that means a new version is available for Windows: "").
* Reduced frag threshold for feeding from .19 to .15.
* The Temple of Laduguer no resets a little less often.
* The society list should now display more quickly (no longer lag the mud).
* Total in-game connections and record number of connections in who list no longer shows to mortals.
* The blood-bonus exp should start notching a little earlier now.

September 25th, 2016
* People affected by a race change effect will now switch back to their original race upon death.
* A hammer named "Drowcrusher" should now display properly and now transports the whole room upon proc.
* The spell 'razor wind' is now targetted and defaults to whatever you're fighting if no target is supplised.
* The spell 'frost beacon' now lasts longer at higher levels.
 -Locker access has been moved from a file-based system to database-based.
 -This means you need to re-add everyone you want to have access.
 -You can do this quickly by entering your locker and 'grant transfer'.
 -This also means that locker access to a character's name will be revoked when that character is deleted (ie Someone's Hardcore dies, then a new character with the same name is created.  The new character will not have access to the lockers that the Hardcore had).
* Those on the Neutral racewar side (nobody atm) now have a bonus to random item drop chances.
* A new help file, random equipment drops, outlines the chances for random equipment stuff.  This may change in the (not near) future without the helpfile being changed.
* Help files now show the last update time and the last person to update.
* A crashbug with people leaving Heaven is fixed.

September 24th, 2016
* Demogorgon shouts again.
* Those with multiples of the same types of artifacts may see their feed times drop differently now.
* Added Demon Slayer achievement.
* More cleanup of ship-shop code; you can now only buy one piece of each type of equipment (Who needs two Diplomat's Flags anyway?).
* Only one copy of the coins in the Myrloch Vale Treasure Chamber Of The Under-Realms load now.
* The crown of Aramus got some love; You now only have a 1 in 100 chance to get naked on a bad roll, but the odds of a bad roll have increased from 1 in 13, but also the odds of getting a buff have increased too.
* The timer on 'feign death' has been cut in half.
* Made the increase in epic gains (for goods and evils) permanent for this wipe.

September 22nd, 2016
* Sorry about the crashes.  We're stable again.
* There's a new portal that goes to the UC-nexus zone entrance in the 4 major hometowns.
 -This zone is limited to lvl 30s and below.
 -Mobs are easier in said zone per the level limits.
* 'Waiting on a certificate update to get the rest of the news updated.

September 19th, 2016
* Minotaur rage pulse bonus increases at lvl 28 and 56 (to -2 and -3 respectively).
* The base chance for charge has increased from 50% to 65%.
* Tiamat's heads now proc properly (no more white head breathing darkness, etc).
* Tiamat's breath weapons are now the new ones instead of the old ones.
* You can now target yourself with the spell 'wither' but I don't recommend it.
* A fur skin cloak of the tundra now has a few more keywords.
* The buffs from the crown of Aramus no longer stay if you remove the crown.
* Artifact feeding from zones has been decreased.

September 16th, 2016
* Troll regen increased slightly, Huntsman forest regen down.
* Epic zones should now hit neutral instead of bouncing another step.
 -The epic zones list now shows neutral as a possibility instead of blank.
* The misty electrum shortsword named 'Blur' should now display procs properly.
* The staff of blue flames should now display properly when proc'ing as well.

September 13th, 2016
* Breath weapon damage downed some.
* Surnames should now not reset.
* 'toggle wimpy' and 'toggle screen' size should now work right.
* 'toggle quest' option modified:
 -(Q) means they have a complete quest.
 -(Q) means they give bartender quests.
 -(Q) means they have an ask quest.
 -(Q) means they are bartender quest targets.
 -This display is now active for all levels.
* Myrloch Vale has been tweaked; you must kill the warlord of fire to get access to the vault, which once again contains coins.
 -Also, the warlord of fire now has possession of a small rune-covered stone instead of it being on the ground.

September 7th, 2016
* Timer on feign death has been increased to 10 mins.  (1/3 of that for Necromancers).
* Breath weapon damage increased significantly.
 -Exp on such mobs has been doubled.

September 4th, 2016
* The command 'l i <obj>' is now the same as 'l in <obj>'.
* The command 'toggle surname <...>' is now just 'surname <...>'.  It now takes numbers and words (ie 'surname tough').
* The command 'toggle surname' now turns surnames on and off.

September 1st, 2016
* Maps are visible again via moving.. oops.
* Mobs no longer track through / to !mob rooms.
* You can now 'l u' for 'look up' and 'l d' for 'look down'.
* A black staff headed with a goat skull no longer has a bad ghetto proc giving it a negative ival.

August 31st, 2016
* The spell 'faerie sight' is now refreshable.  It will consume some faerie dust, if there is any in the caster's inventory and the spell needs refreshing.
* Mobs should now attempt to leave safe rooms instead of poofing.
 -Pets should no longer leave safe rooms nor poof in them.
* A waistband of rock and stone now modifies armor class in a good way.
* You must now type out the full direction for 'look north', 'look south', etc. or just use the one or two letter abbreviation ('look ne').
* A couple typos fixed.

August 25th, 2016
* The item value of an item is now increased by the effect protection from good.
* Item values of items with max-stat effects have been increased.
* Firbolgs no longer have a faster-than-Barbarian-and-Troll pulse.
* Quest items and containers now use the zone files' load percentages instead of being 100% load.
* A solid steel key is now held by a drunk sailor instead of in his inventory.
* The scales of Kyzastaxkasis are now a 10% rare load item.
* The toggles 'no level' and 'no locate' now use the space instead of being 'nolocate' and 'nolevel' to match the toggle status table.
 -Note that 'no locate' still comes before 'no level' in the list, so you must type at least 'toggle no le' to toggle no level.
* Monk Updates:
 -Monks now have a slight damage reduction.
 -There is now a chance for a M