The death of [23 Conjurer] Gralthis (Drow Elf)

in The Tavern of the Decapitated Dwarves

from the perspective of [23 Conjurer] Gralthis (Drow Elf)

The Tavern of the Decapitated Dwarves
Obvious exits: -E -S
A huge bipedal creature made out of glowing red stone stands here.

< 1h/121H 96v/120V Pos: standing >
Hint: When casting offensive spells make sure you are careful about noticing new mobs entering with the same target name.

< 3h/121H 111v/120V Pos: standing >

< 6h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >

		Score information for Gralthis

Level: 23   Race: Drow Elf   Class: Conjurer Sex: Male
Hit points: 15(121)  Moves: 120(120)
Coins carried:    0 platinum     0 gold     0 silver     0 copper
Compression ratio: 82%
Status:  Standing.
Frags:   +0.00   Deaths:   4
Enchantments:   Ultravision
Combat Pulse:   17 Spell Pulse:  0.82 
Leaderboard Points:  229 

< 15h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >
You are carrying: (22/11)
a small leather-bound book
a map made of silk-paper
a spellbook
a quill
a small black velvet bag
an amber-colored rod
an elfskin belt
a soft skin cloak
a small round wooden shield
a pair of studded leather sleeves
a pair of brown leather gloves
a pair of tight black slippers
a pair of studded leather leggings
a shabby alligator skin jerkin
[2] a light blue scarf
a steel warhammer
a thin steel dagger
a steel dagger
a small wooden mace
a stout oaken cudgel
a sturdy wooden club

< 18h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >
Hint: Remember that all the citizens of Woodseer attack evil-aligned people on sight.

< 18h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >
Sorry, but there are no help topics that match your search.

< 22h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >
The following help topics matched your search:
 Greater summon beast
 Shadow Beast
 Summon beast

< 22h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >
Shadow Beast - Last Edited: 2022-10-08 21:28:17 by ashyel
The Shadow Beast is rumored to be a higher form of lycanthrope that 
was killed in its lycanthropic state, and quickly raised as a shadow. These
spawns become naturals at the art of stealth, thievery, deception and
assassination. They delight in taking advantage of their undead state and
hellborne skills to wreak havoc upon the living.
Appearance:       Shadow Beasts often appear as dark, hairy, half animal
                  half ectoplasmic humanoid that can be hard to detect at
                  times. They are very coordinated, if lacking a little in
                  physical prowess.

==Class list==
* Warrior     : Swordsman, Guardian, Swashbuckler
* Psionicist  : Pyrokinetic, Enslaver, Psycheporter
* Shaman      : Elementalist, Spiritualist, Animalist
* Mercenary   : Brigand, Bounty Hunter
* BeRSeRKeR   : MaUleR, RaGeloRd

==Racial Statistics==
Strength    : 125
Agility     : 105
Dexterity   : 120
Constitution: 130
Power       : 100
Intelligence: 70
Wisdom      : 100
Charisma    : 70
Luck        : 80
Karma       : 100

==Racial Traits==
Combat Pulse : below average
Spell Pulse  : average

==Innate abilities==
*vulnerable to fire
'*' Designates passive ability.

< 23h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >
Hint: Strength affects how hard you hit, as well as how heavy your load will be.

< 33h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >

< 36h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >

< 39h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >

< 41h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >

< 43h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >

< 46h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >
A Shade snaps into visibility.

< 47h/121H 120v/120V Pos: standing >
A Shade completes his spell...
A Shade utters the words 'qpaahuq fussrz'
-=[Ripples of ChAoTiC energy slam into you as reality comes crashing down.]=-