June 17, 2024
 * track failure message bug has been fixed.
May 5,  2024
 * Vampire shrug effectiveness now in line with Grey/Drow 

May 4,  2024
 * Duris has Wiped!  Go Kill Stuff...
 * Artifacts will become significantly more difficult to feed when worn together
 * Shadowbeasts will now target as one word "shadowbeast"
 * A few racial stat changes to anticipate for wipe:
    * Vampire: Strength and dexterity will decrease slightly from pre-wipe test stats.
    * Vampire: As Vampire are cursed creatures, luck will also decrease.
    * Orc: Strength will increase slightly to balance overall stat points with its Human counterpart
    * Githzerai and Githyanki can now be Monks.
    * Orthyn owes Ashyel one Black Dog
 * Vampires are now vulnerable to fire
 * Dreadlords have forgotten how to flank, but have learned circle
 * The delay on completed epic zones has been modified
 * The Menden figurine crash bug, colloquially known as the Kenongate affair, has now been fixed.

May 1,  2024
 * Happy May Day everyone!
 * Cargo boards are now disabled.
 * Vampires can now be Bards, Warriors, Rogues, Mercenaries, Dreadlords, Conjurers or Sorcerers
 * Stay tuned for additional updates 

April 24,  2024
 * Please Note
   Due to unexpected personal commitments that have become priority, we will be postponing the upcoming wipe by 1 week.  
   The new wipe date will be Saturday, May 4.  
   We realize this is an inconvenience, but would prefer to wipe on a weekend when all members of the admin team can be available. 

March 9, 2024.
 * Artifacts require signifigantly more time to bind to a new owner now (10 hours)
 * the wondrous mace of the Sea now procs dread wave instead of lightning
   and procs more often
   - Vampire is now a playable neutral race
   - Dreadlord is a playable class again, Vampire only
March 5, 2024.

 *  Because of the size and scope of planned upcoming changes to Duris, the Admin team has decided to do things a little differently this wipe season. Over the next few weeks, we will begin announcing and implementing changes and allowing players time to test and give feedback on the changes in real time. 

    Some of the anticipated changes will be related to playable characters, some to gear and some to game dynamics like ship fighting and artifact management.  All changes will be implemented, and play tested before finalizing and beginning a new wipe, giving players a chance to go into the wipe with a full understanding of what to expect from the game dynamics and how it will affect their decision-making early in the wipe.
    Our firm wipe date will be April 27, 2024.  
 This should give us plenty of time to observe game play, take feedback and make necessary adjustments.  We appreciate those of you who have given us really excellent feedback and direction over the past few weeks and months and we are looking forward to using that information to make some interesting and positive changes to our game!

OCTOBER 23, 2023
 * A couple rooms in Faerie Realm are now marked No Teleport
 * The rate at which dispel magic procs when anti-magic ray is cast as an 
   area spell has been lowered
OCTOBER 22, 2023
 * a swirling staff of air conjuration can wall again.
OCTOBER 21, 2023
 * Fixed a HILARIOUSLY HORRIBLE bug, thought up, theory tested and
 demonstrated to glorious results by Omm, who earns a special shout out today
 for being the most creative genius I've seen break Duris in a very long time.
 No worries. It's fixed now. We're not telling.

JULY 27, 2023
 * Shade's now have innate phantasmal form
 * Shade Ethermancers should be able to select either racewar side now
 * Ethermancer spell damage has been increased slightly
 * the bracer of the whirlwinds is now unique
 * Damage increase from phantasmal form has been reduced substantially

JULY 26, 2023
 * Shade's now have a physical body and legs
 * Minotaur Mercenary's can specialize
JULY 25, 2023
 * ansi bug for paging mode that was introduced yesterday is now fixed
 * Ethermancer mem times are now "fixed"
JULY 24, 2023
 * Fixed a bug with the level cap that gave evils the first lead of the cap 
   regardless of who/what fragged first.
 * frag list for Shade and ShadowBeast work correctly now
 * the mace of mentality is now a unique
 * a bunch of commands got some (prettier?) ansi colors
JULY 21, 2023
 * Duris has wiped, enjoy.

JULY 12, 2023
 * Duris will wipe on July 21, at 9PM.

This will be a limited change wipe to start in order to give players an opportunity to begin 
playing new characters/sides ASAP. Expect to see code changes throughout the wipe as staff 
begin to implement ideas etc, when time permits.
 * Please remember that there is a brief pause while the wipe/reboot script runs, so you 
   may see a delay in the Mud booting up after the initial wipe time. Plan accordingly.
January 23, 2023
 * Kelli/Jelli has been deleveled, alts frozen and all locker permissions stripped for 
   cheating to coordinate PVP and transferring gear across racewars. Apologies for the delay. 
   Please continue to report any further concerns via discord and/or email to the admin team.

November 15, 2022
 * fixed a bug with guildhall placement calculations
November 6, 2022
 * Help Aktosh has been officially added to Duris Lore.

November 1, 2022
 * the Illusionist spell hammer will now sometimes stun its victim
 * boats that have not moved after being docked for 14 days will be taken to the 
  'dry dock' and will need to be summoned again before use.
 * Ethermancer tupor times should be more accurate, but something is still wrong.

October 30, 2022
 * Asterion, the minotaur Archmage is now an Illusionist teacher
 * toggle battle is now set on by default in new characters
 * toggle damage is now set on by default in new characters
 * Faerie Realm rooms are now all no teleport
 * new command 'maxstat' tells you how many points you need to max your stats

October 29, 2022
    Level cap has been set to 31 to start wipe.
 * VPN policy clarification:
      Players with questions regarding VPN bans should email [email protected] to 
     discuss. Petitioned requests will not be considered.
     If approved, whitelisting will happen on a per character basis, 
     primes only. No alts.
 * Shadow Archer has been removed again
 * Shadow Beast Shaman memorization bug has been fixed.
 * max screen size has been upped from 48 to 96 lines
October 28, 2022
 * Effective immediately we are no longer allowing VPN connections. 
   Players caught using VPNs will have characters frozen until they can reconnect on an 
   acceptable connection. Please reach out to admins with questions or concerns and plan 
   accordingly so there are no delays logging in Saturday.
   Repeat attempts to circumvent this policy will result in permanent freezing. 
October 27, 2022
 * Diabolis golems no longer leave corpses
 * some boots of abandonment no longer grants phantasmal form
 * a swirling force of light and darkness is no longer an ioun
 * ship damage control epic has been reworked to produce up to a 50% 
   reduction in damage
 * the crown of Aramus has been renamed the Crown of Aktosh
October 26, 2022
 * order maproom has been disabled
 * added new Achievement: Faeries Blessing
October 25, 2022
 * commune, tupor, deforest and assim should all be fixed now
 * Minotaur rage should proc less often for BeRSeRKeR
 * BeRSeRKeR's have had the number of attacks they get reduced 
October 24, 2022
 * Wipe will happen October 29, 2022 @ 2:00PM EST
 * Monk's have received a buff to # attacks and combat abilities
 * Wipe Mini Preview:
    A Shadow Beast enters from the south.
    Tiny explosions wrack your body with pain!
    You just lost 1.00 frags!
 * Shadow Beast and Shade will be introduced as neutral races
    at the start of the wipe.  Will work the same as Thri-Kreen and
 * CHAOS has started! Type 'chaos help' for commands.
 * NOTE: Shadow Beasts and Shades are in BETA and could be subject to drastic
   changes mid wipe. If this is a concern for you it is highly recommended you 
   do NOT play one as your main character. Enjoy :)
October 23, 2022
 * The evil character Beltorin/Karnager and all known alts have been frozen for 
   engaging in various forms of multiplay including breaking the 1 hr rule 
   to scout who, sailing and porting to himself on an almost daily basis.
   He stole characters(Duce/Varg/Var), to name a few. He kept Mendel logged
   in as a who list scout bot(Goods Side).
   This player has also engaged in very toxic behavior toward peers and 
   As a result he will remain banned for one wipe.
October 22, 2022
  * Bunch of ansi color changes to various commands
  * take all.items container no longer works during combat
  * The Twisting Tunnels of the Durian Underdark and
    Heaven should really no longer be taskable, probably.
October 12, 2022
  Trick or Treat?
  Find out which
  Coming this Halloween Weekend
September 28, 2022
* Wipe is being worked on and a date will be announced soon(tm). Any wipe 
  date NOT listed in a news post is false, beware :)
  Thank you for your patience! 
May 21, 2022
* Effective Immediately, we are re-establishing the long standing Duris rule
forbidding gear transfer between racewar sides. While we acknowledge 
that this was not enforced under previous Administrations, the fair transfer of 
gear through pvp looting is a staple of Duris gameplay, and we will begin 
IMMEDIATELY punishing players found to be engaging in questionable transfers.
April 21, 2022
* Krindors Incredible Device music box is now beltable
* Diabolis create golem spell no longer requires a corpse, instead the
  caster must sacrifice some of his life force
* Invisible fish should no longer cause a crash
* Another round of minor zone updates(Thanks Sizan!):
    Lava springs
    Fishermans Wharf
    Miaeril village
    Drifting Realm
    Arcium, the Plagued Kingdom
April 11, 2022
* Bard’s can now play instruments that are in attach slots, some of
  the best instruments in game can now be attached to belt
* an earthen chest has been removed
* Zech, the dwarven warrior quests that can be cheesed with newbie
  gear have been removed
* a huge claymore named 'Pathfinder' must be worn in order to keep proc
March 17, 2022
*    Beginning today, we will start enforcing reasonable limitations in naming
     characters. Names that are offensive, inappropriate, or disruptive to game
     play will need to be changed. Players will be given the option to do this
     at Grudat for his fee, or will be forced to change by admins at a higher
     fee.  Please consider this BEFORE creating a character you might grow to 
     love, but whos name will need to be changed.  We will not be giving out

March 16, 2022
* group caps have increased to 30

February 25, 2022
* Bard’s received a buff to their melee abilities and toughness
* Monk’s are now deadlier in combat
* BeRSeRKeR’s are slightly slower hitters in combat now
* dimension door has been restored to its former glory(nearly)
* heaven should no longer appear as a epic zone
* max group size is now 8
* The following zones have been updated (Thanks Sizan!):
    Lava springs
    Fishermans Wharf
    Miaeril village
    Drifting Realm
    Arcium, the Plagued Kingdom
February 22, 2022
* chaos has begun.  See 'chaos help' for usage.

February 13, 2022
* The wipe will occur on February 25, 2022 11pm EST. There will be chaos.
* This wipe will be about 7 months in duration and additions/changes
      will be added gradually throughout the wipe.  Happy Mudding!

December 30, 2021
* Check out a 'time capsule' of Duris history and experience the mud from
  around the year 2002: telnet 2002

April 30, 2021
*   Just a reminder:  Using !frag characters to CR during pvp is considered
       cheesy.  This is the only warning.  Moving forward, primes will be
       punished/deleveled if we are sent logs proving this behavior.

February 02, 2021
* level cap mechanic update:
    Moving forward: Frags will only count towards the cap if the char gaining 
    the frag is fraggable by someone at the cap.  This is to prevent cheesing 
    of frags by creating low risk, lowbie chars specifically to fight and 
    boost the side ahead of the timer.
* A REMINDER: Multiplaying is punishable by death.  OFF WITH THEIR HEADS
* getting a bugged task should happen much less frequently(hopefully never!)

January 18, 2021
* level cap mechanic has changed:
    The only gate to cap increase is the timer, the side with the most frags when
    the timer expires(and a player is subsequently fragged) wins the advancement for 
    their side.  Any frag greater than or equal to .2 frags is counted.
* Another Round of Zone Updates
    Fishermans Wharf
    Miaeril Village
* A pvp log related crash bug has been fixed

January 02, 2021
* random named equipment drops are getting a overhaul, see 'help named' which
  dynamically shows the spells provided by zone and number of pieces now.
* a bottle of ToRMeNTeD Souls is no longer available for sale

January 01, 2021
* The avatar of Lohrr has replaced the witch doctor
* a new artifact the ketoh of the Serpentine chindi has
  been added.  Monk only.
* Last melee tweak has been made
* Zone Updates
    Fishermans Wharf
    Miaeril Village

December 29, 2020
* Melee change round 1 is in, damage calculation for weapon based damage has
  changed such that the variability of damage from hit to hit is much greater
  players should find that certain combinations of dice/damroll perform better
  while others perform worse than before.
* Zloin bug that was causing small hitters/weapons to do 1 dam or full dam 
  all the time has been fixed
* Bard and Monk are now better at melee combat
December 28, 2020
* who list crash bug fixed
* Minotaur Conjurer spawn point changed to a suitable teacher
* Thief hide has a tiny bit of lag now
* Pyrokinetic have lost flame mastery
* misfire has been disabled and group maximum is now set at 20
* Summoner has been TEMPORARILY removed, class will be completely reworked 
  and reintroduced sometime after wipe

December 27, 2020
* WE HAVE ENTERED CHAOS. Access features by typing 'chaos skills', 'chaos epics'
  and petitioning 56
* Conjurer
  - charisma checks replaced with a blending of luck/int/char
  - Earth Magus can stack stone skin on self and pets but limited to 3 
  - Fire Magus gains the elemental power innate
* Psionicist
  - the Living Necroplasm can no longer be equipped by psi
  - cannibalize reduced in effectiveness
* Minotaur
  - changed to size large
  - added Conjurer
  - removed Mercenary

December 26, 2020
* We have entered CHAOS
* a glowing necklace rareload issue has been fixed
* Necromancer changes
  - gate removed
  - protect undead no longer stacks
  - wall of bones removed
* Some items/abilities that used to aid in PVP avoidance have been altered
  - a metal flask marked "word of recall"
  - a scroll of word of recall
  - a glowing magical stone
  - Deaths Door removed
October 30, 2020
* epic trophy should start working correctly for future touches, past trophy 
  data is what it is until wipe
* assignment of random epic tasks has changed somewhat, it should never assign a 
  task that was already completed that boot, all epic zones are available for 
  tasks now and if a suitable zone is not available you will receive blood task

October 23, 2020
* Underwater and ocean rooms now allow you to move between them correctly
* Soulbind items preserve the actual timer values now and are usable right away

September 30, 2020
* the crown of Aramus no longer grants vitality to
  those already affected by vitalize undead
* a miner's pick in Mitashi - Capital City of the
  Jade Empire should be usable as a mining pick now
* The inn in Plane of Fire, Brass has closed up shop
* soulbind now loads items with proc timers set i.e. you must wait the duration
  of any cooldown before using the proc
* undead pets no longer keep special noshow !takeable items when raised

September 11, 2020
* fixed a crash bug related to scribing without required items

September 09, 2020
* Yet another improved track bug fixed
* a wizards staff in Newbie zone has changed proc
* You can now scribe copy <book> to copy all the spells in target book to the 
  book you are holding

September 01, 2020
* The "toughness" of a disguise is more variable now, and overall they 
  fall apart easier

August 30, 2020
* Improved track should only be usable by the correct specializations now.

April 05, 2020
* Psionicists can no longer concentrate properly while mounted.
* The Ether warp spell now causes a brief lag for casters.  It's hard work, y'know!
* Driders have received a significant increase in available stat points.
* Indomitability spell now lasts a little longer.
* Yet ANOTHER Bard charm crash bug has been fixed. *SIGH* Bards

April 02, 2020
* Castle Ravenloft key issue should be fixed.

March 29, 2020
* Ethermancer pets/NPCs will no longer crash mud upon casting frost beacon.

March 28, 2020
* Blighter spells acid rain, horrid wilting and drain nature
   are all improved when used on desecrated land.
* Hopefully fixed another crash bug!

March 26, 2020
* One of the recent crash bugs has been fixed.
* Druid's get creeping doom and sunray again.
* Forest Druid's are now slightly better at creeping doom and sunray
  compared to un-spec Druid.
* Anti-Paladin mobs should not stack battle ecstacy as effectively now.

March 22, 2020
* Players can no longer request that their IP be 'whitelisted' for multiple
  connections.  Apologies for the inconvenience.
March 15, 2020
* bug where Anti-Paladin mobs vamp loop eachother is fixed
* The Realm of Barovia, The Realm of Barovia Continued and
  Castle Ravenloft have been updated to prevent some cheese

March 10, 2020
* Valid locations for camping have been reduced.
* Tog who will hide guild titles now.
* Encrust can be learned by those who have mastered the forge skill 
  from an alchemist in Sarmiz'Duul.
* Niev the Mad now loads in a different part of 222.

March 06, 2020
* Ash now owes Plonus $5.00.

March 05, 2020
* Fixed one of the recent crash bugs.
*A Shallow Portion of Shadow Lake is now the only portable 
  room in Sea Kingdom. 
* Swashbuckler's gained follow-up riposte at 51 and are better 
  at triple attack now.
* Craft and forge cannot take place in lockers.

February 29, 2020
* Fixed bug where extra hit points could be gained through level loss and gain.
* Trying to capture a shopkeeper no longer kills the Summoner.

February 28, 2020
* Tog nolevel and tog nolocate are functional again.

February 26, 2020
* Crash bug related to mob kill quest and grouped pets has been fixed.
* Conducted review of Ceothia gear and down-graded many pieces that were
  near artifact level of stats/effects.
* A tharnadian thief-hunter should be slightly more deadly now.
* Updated help Tolm to reflect Tolm's new status as 5th best player ever.

February 23, 2020
* Memory slot bug involving multiclassed Bards has been repaired.

February 23, 2020
* A blackened eyepatch of the minotaur in Ceothia is no longer
* Tells/Says no longer mention language of the speaker.
* Non-Fraggable players will no longer provide experience; as intended in 
  previous code changes. Pick on someone your own size!!
* Players who have been attacked by magic in PVP will now trigger the PVP timer.

February 22, 2020
* Sleep timer has been fixed for NPC's and they will go alert upon waking.
* Detect Illusion spell is no longer fooled by disguise.
* a marooned xixchil~ is more picky about who he shares information with.
* A crash bug related to clone form has been fixed.
* The Forest City of Aravne exp bug should be fixed.

February 14, 2020
* The Neogi Shopkeeper's shop in the Hall of the Ancients is now !magic
* Bard bug that was causing the mud to hang has now been fixed.

February 11, 2020
* AS ANOTHER REMINDER: Camping/renting/idling characters inside zones to serve as porters or 
  port targets IS STILL ILLEGAL and listed as such in the rules and on TWO previous occasions in 
  the news.
  Any groups caught doing this will be subject to group-wide level deductions and loss of spoils.

February 7, 2020
* The Forest City of Aravne is no longer safe for camping
* Bard drift won't drop you in rooms that are not walkable anymore
* guildhall building rules adjusted, helpfile updated to reflect reality

January 31, 2020
* Artifacts and rareload items no longer load at 100% success rate.

January 30, 2020
* Unspecced Rogue's circle has been adjusted to avoid weakening Multi-classes.
* More zone cheese cleanup.
January 28, 2020
* Guild loading bug where empty titles caused a loss of prestige and construction points has been fixed
* Thief and Rogue classes are no longer as good at circle as Assassin
* Bonus damage from circle is scaled according to level now
* Trip has been changed to reduce the chance it puts the victim in prone position

January 25, 2020
* The portal between Abandoned Elven Homestead and Temple of the Earth has been removed.  
  This was originally intended to allow goods to reach higher level content and was instead
  created as a 2-way portal which allowed certain "in the know" players to use it as a cheesy escape 
  from PVP while other players remained unaware of its 2 way capabilities.  Since noone actually 
  used it for its intended purpose, we have removed it. This change was made back with the Misty 
  Vale changes, but got lost in the shuffle of multiple changes over a short period of time and 
  erroneously not reported.  
  Correcting that now with apologies, carry on.
January 14, 2020
* Tog who tweaked some more for privacy.
* Sleep spell duration has been reduced and its overall effectiveness reduced.
* Bard sleep song also reduced in duration (but not as much as the spell).
* Bug fix related to ship frags from ramming your opponent has been fixed.

January 13, 2020
* Logging !risk, !frag alts just to loot in pvp is cheese. If we see it you will
  lose the gear you've just gained, and maybe a level.  Be warned this is 100%
  at our discretion.

January 12, 2020
* Forest Druid track is now less effective, can no longer see races
* Mobs with stone skin and earth form innates actually get the effect now
* tog who no longer removes you from the list but instead it obscures your name

January 9, 2020
* toggle commands with numeric arguments work again, ex: tog screen 48
* elemental swarm modified to prevent the creation of permanent hulks
* The Chasm of the Misty Vale has received a few minor tweaks
* Level cap has been raised to 30

January 7, 2020
* DURIS HAS WIPED!! This wipe celebrates 25 years of Durismud, 
  and is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Hayes (Lohrr). May he always be
* Conjurers now have improved globe of darkness as an 8th circle spell
* Forest Druid's Nature's Touch heal has been improved.
* Damage entropy for Orcs and Humans has been altered
* Storm druids have lost sunray and creeping doom, and gained electrical
  execution and forked lightning
* Trolls can now be Blighters
* Bards, while still hybrids, have improved their casting ability
* Summoner Bard pets no longer empower their songs
* Range casting has been tweaked to prevent cheesing targets that cannot fight back
* Multiclasses are allowable
* Frag- and time-based level caps are in place like previous wipe
* Ceothia has had some changes, courtesy of its original designer (thanks Cy!)
* Although donations are always appreciated, to prevent inflating the money
  supply too quickly, you won't be able to pick up your reward for the first week
  of the wipe.
* We still haven't been able to track down the crash bug with the hardcore scoreboard,
  so feel free to play them but now you'll really be hardcore since you won't
  even get on the scoreboard.

December 12, 2019
* Hardcore hall of fame updating has been temporarily disabled as it was causing all 
  the crash bugs. We'll get it fixed soon.

December 11, 2019
* Port 443 access has been restored, now you can mud from work again. Your boss can thank me later!

December 9, 2019
* After 7.5 years and a recent server uptime of 605 days, the mud has been moved to 
  a new server and is now being hosted inside of a Docker container, which should help us
  keep it running for increasingly longer definitions of "forever", since 32bit VMs are getting
  harder to find.

  R.I.P., and welcome! (You should still always connect
  to "", though)

  Please let me know if you notice any connectivity issues (or improvements) and we'll be 
  watching for bugs during this chaos period that might be caused by running in the container.

  Since we're in chaos, you know what that means ... soon :-)

September 19, 2019
* The Toughen Up Princess achievement now requires 100 Luck to be completed and to earn 
  the Deaths Door skill.
* Drop rates have been reverted to old, lower rates after having been drastically 
  increased this past wipe.  They will continue at this new rate into the new wipe as we
  assess them for appropriateness.
* Guildhalls, moving forward, will only be able to be constructed within 30 squares 
  of select Good and Evil Hometowns.
* Corrected a bug where the lightning rod composed of pure magic 
  has loaded on 2 mobs every boot.
* Random Boon generator is functional again, pending our ability to relearn the 
  command to activate it (stand by...).
* Display toggle now includes an option for 'experience', allowing players to track 
  exp gained on individual kills if they choose to do so.

September 13, 2019
* Fixed Nova spell so that it triggers properly when cast.
* Innate list updated so that it now shows innates that a character will gain at 
  higher levels as well as those available at level 1.
* Resolved 4 separate Crash Bugs involving various code errors and mechanical
* Pets will now recall with the group during group recall.

August 4, 2019
* Isolated and removed a bug where Boon rewards appear to double for players 
  who have Bloodlust active. 
* The first room of The Royal Mausoleum of Castle IceCrag is no longer portable, 
  preventing players from cheesing past the locked gates.
* Upgraded a few God commands for ease of use.

July 27, 2019  We're Back!
* MOTD has been permanently adjusted reflect Lohrr's participation
  and contributions to Duris during his tenure as Overlord.
* A tribute mob is planned, in his honor, to be added to the world when we wipe.
  Please submit ideas/suggestions to the Idea channel for consideration.
* Players may now peruse Auctions while memorizing/praying for spells.
  However, the added distraction will prevent effective meditation.
* Stay Tuned for additional bug fixes/adjustments as they become available. 

January 9th, 2019
* Just a reminder, that automaton crews require ship frags of 3000, and never required any crew exp as far as I see.
* Duris Survey:

January 6th, 2019
* The Para-Elemental Plane of Smoke will no longer repop with players inside.
* Small updates to The Para-Elemental Plane of Magma.
* The code to reset epic zones that weren't designed to be reset is now disabled.
* The severed wings of a turkey named 'Dinner' should go away now.

December 3rd, 2018
* The holy shield of blessed defense and an ancient crown of elven royalty now have ac in the right direction.
* Certain rooms in The Para-Elemental Plane of Smoke, Sea Kingdom, and Pit of Dragons are no longer teleportable.
* A crashbug regarding a quest in The Para-Elemental Plane of Smoke is fixed.
* Ehkahk, the Prince of the Para-Elemental Plane of Smoke now shouts for help.

November 21st, 2018
* The proc for the legendary cutlass 'Sanguine Song' has been tweaked.
* The proc for a green bladed dagger named 'Sepsis' has been tweaked.
* The proc for an astral metal hammer named 'Frozen Star' has been tweaked.
* The 'epic share' command has been updated.
 -It still defaults to share to group, but you can now target your group ('epic share group') or a specific individual ('epic share <name>').
 -The number of people that a task can be shared with is now limited to misfire cap for blood, 20 for nexus, and 150% of the suggested group cap size for zone (rounded up).
 -Tasks obtained before this boot can no longer be shared.
* Thanksgiving is here!
 -The severed wings of a turkey named 'Dinner' is now an artifact, with more hp regen and less move regen.
 -It also has a tendency to make the wearer somewhat eccentric.
 -The innards are now the undigested remains of a dead turkey.
 -Items received from opening these now range from ival 50 to 140.
 -The food received is now a delicious slice of Thanksgiving Turkey (still only targets as thanksgiving and turkey; slice and delicious will work next boot).
 -You now have a chance to just make a bigger mess when attempting to get the artifact, and will always make a bigger mess when the artifact is already obtained.

November 19th, 2018
* Next copyover sharing tasks will be limited!  If you have a task at boot, it will no longer be sharable!!!
 -New tasks will have available shares based on zone suggested group size, misfire cap (for blood), and 20 (for nexus).
* New chars no longer load with double eq.
* Githzerai can now be Paladins.
* The "wear all" for newbies now happens after seeing the room.
* A bug where PvP logs were created for people who weren't in the room of the killer nor victim at the time of kill has been fixed.
* You can no longer use acc while on parole (applies mainly to low level multiclass).
* The proc for a wicked waraxe covered in runes has been tweaked slightly.  The damage is the same, but it should now show via toggle damage.
* The message for trying to use rage while it's up is no longer the same as for berserk.

November 16th, 2018
* Monk attacks shifted slightly (should be one more at 56).
* The spell 'vampiric touch' now gives a flat hitroll bonus instead of a percentage.
* The actual bonus attacks from dexterity now occur at the beginning of a round (just after the messages) instead of the end.
* Coins loading on mobs adjusted slightly (total value the same or increased).
* All mobs that use mana now get the bonus instead of just Psionicist mobs.
* The spell 'essence of the wolf' now gives up to 6 bonus attacks of both the caster and target are 56.
* The ancient ropers of the underdark now hit a little harder.
* Bandages are no longer transient, but other newbie items that used to be transient are transient again.
* Good Clerics no longer load a set of brilliant white clerical robes instead of a thin priest gown.
 -They now load both because one is on body, and the other is about body.
* Arrows, bandages, and the fishing pole now load inside the bag regardless of level.
* Hawkvision and UD Vision now show in score under Enchantments.

November 13th, 2018
* You can no longer 'teleport' into the epic stone room of The Temple of the Sun.
* BeRSeRKeRs no longer have a base damage penalty.
 -They now get a small damage bonus while under the influence of berserk.
 -They now learn berserk slightly faster than other classes.
* Minotaur exp is slightly easier now.
* All BeRSeRKeRs now get '2h flaying', but only RaGeloRds can master the skill
* All flaying weapons are now !dodge, !parry, etc.
* Newbie equipment got a small overhaul:
 -You no longer load with items you can't use.
 -You automatically start with arrows in your quiver, bandages and torches in your container.
 -Under level 3, you will automatically wear all if you're completely naked and loaded a newbie set.
 -There is a new newbie weapon, a great flail, which is 2h flayinig.
 -The two newbie 2h swords now have slightly different stats.
 -Everyone starts with a fishing pole now (in their container).
 -Blighters now load a cap made of decaying matter for their poor heads.
* A bug with the display of specialize options has been fixed.
* Damage messages with a lot of ansi codes no longer overflow the message buffer ('pyrokinesis' now shows to victim messages correctly).
* Ships, mines, and guildhalls are now visible to those without infra / ultra at night.
* The bug where the mud tries to kick you out of a locker you couldn't afford to enter is fixed.
* It should be slightly harder to find Niev the Mad.
* A bug regarding the spell 'putrefying flesh' has been fixed.
 -It now runs 4 or 5 waves, and 'decaying flesh' runs 3.
* You can now 'innate shift astral' or 'innate shift_astral' in order to leave the prime plane.

November 12th, 2018
* Another reminder: The short-jump spells like 'dimension door' have a maximum distance of 90 rooms at level 56 for Shadowmages (less for others).
 -This means if there is over 90 rooms between two zones, there is no reason to expect to be able to jump between them.
 -If you could jump between two zones that were far apart on the map, then it was due to a bug and you should have been punished for abusing and not reporting.
 -Nobody's going to be punished for jumping over 90 rooms.  I don't expect you to sit and count.

November 10th, 2018
* You can now 'toggle exp' to see how much experience you gain after a kill.
 -This is limited to those who can see experience via number (level >= 39).
* The spell 'detonate' now does less damage (a lot less unsaved than before), and has less variance.
* When a Pyrokinetic's 'detonate' goes through shrug, there is no longer a shrug message shown with the damage.
* The Pyrokinetic skills disperse flames and flame mastery should now test correctly (affected by skill level and character level vs caster level).
* The item values for backstabbers are now congruent with their backstab multipliers.
* Due to the massive amount of magic items dumped into the waters of Duris, some fish will now be sparkling, yielding slightly better stats.
* Fish thrown back into the water now exhibit new behavior.
* Immortals now have access to a 'boon display <boon id>' option.

November 6th, 2018
* The spell 'water form' is now available to the Water Magus spec.
* The spell 'fire form' is now available to the Fire Magus spec.
* The spell 'earth form' is now available to the Earth Magus spec.
* The affect earth aura now grants stone skin on a timer.
* The Water Magus spec now heals when their Water Elemental pets take enough damage.
* The spell 'dread wave' is now spell damage type water (only water damage in game).
* Water damage now heals Water Magus with water aura and Water Elementals.
* Earth damage now heals Earth Magus with earth aura and Earth Elementals.
* The Fire Magus spec now has innate fireshield.
* Rooms flagged Air Plane now heal Air Elementals and Air Magus with air aura.
* Rooms flagged Earth Plane now heal Earth Elementals and Earth Magus with earth aura.
* Water Elementals and Water Magus with water aura now heal while underwater.
* When someone who is holding their breath or drowning surfaces or gains the ability to breathe underwater, they now get a message that they can breathe.
* A new epic skill melee mastery has been added.
 -This skill requires 100 in two weapon fighting.
 -It is available to classes: Warrior, BeRSeRKeR, Mercenary, Ranger, and Reaver.
 -Since it is the same as the innate, the Swordsman spec does not use it.
 -The Guardian spec also does not get this skill.
* The epic bonus moves cap has increased from 16 to 20.
* The epic bonus shop option has changed from a negative (yeah, bug) discount, to a bonus to selling items.
* A new command, appoint, is available to group leaders that no longer want to lead (Format: 'appoint <new leader>').
* Updated level cap so the cap at 50 is like 30, since it's the "multiclass" level.

November 4th, 2018
* Fixed a few typos.
* The fraglist will now populate with the race and class of the fragger as people gain / lose frags.
* A swirling gateway from the spell 'gate to ardgral' no longer procs on random commands (like leaving the room via south).
* Food changes:
 -Alatorin - the Forge City:
 -A glazed rack of caribou ribs, a bloody haunch of olyx meat,
 some stew with a zing, the gored tongue of a swamp troll,
 the bloody heart of Birch Scruden, a bowl of white dragon egg soup,
 a bowl of wyvern egg soup
 -Fish from fishing:
 -A piranha, an impressive lobster, a rainbow trout, a speckled perch,
 a small conger, a deep sea lobster, a cave perch
 -a dietary supplement
 -The Chasm of the Misty Vale
 -Some wineberries
 -The Depths of Duris:
 -A juicy osquip steak
 -A delicious Thanksgiving Turkey lost a lot of regen.
* A Magical Green Mushroom from the Sylvan Woods is no longer food, but still used via eat command.
* Immortal command which food updated.
* DE now shows which food variables give which stats.

November 1st, 2018
* You can now use the peruse command to see the effects of food before you buy it.
* The spell 'identify' now works on food as well.
* You will now get a notice when you have too many people on your racewarside in a zone or on a continent (this message is sent every time you move).
* You can now enter a slime covered well in Dirk'nspire Stronghold to get to The Chasm of the Misty Vale.
* You can now use the recall command to recall things that you petition.
* The helpfile for lifespan now pulls directly from the code.
* The helpfiles for Specializations now show lost spells (in bright black&).
* The helpfiles for Specialiaztions now show lost skills in bright black as well (used to be dark cyan, but that matched the gained skills / spells).
* There is a new menu option 6, that allows you to check the timer on your (well) rested bonus.
* The deaths door command no longer works if you have a PvP timer.
* You can no longer quaff a bottle of ToRMeNTeD Souls if you have a PvP timer either.
* You can no longer change ownership of the frag level cap while it's on a timer.
 -This is so the side with less frags has a chance to catch up if they manage to frag first.
* The bloodlust damage bonus now shows the actual increase in damage correctly.
 -You now see MAX at the end of the bonus if it is at max.
* The spells 'judgement' and 'apocalypse' have been tweaked.
* Range spells no longer go through doors.
* Immortal command users updated.

October 30th, 2018
* A reminder from April 21st, 2015:
* * To clarify: CAMPING VAULTS is considered cheesy, and therefore not only frowned upon, but specifically NOT allowed.  This also applies to having port targets camped at specific locations. That means, NO characters camped at places like Shaboath Island or Dragonnia to use as a target.
* To clarify further, it does not matter how you leave the game: Camping, Renting, Voiding, etc are all NOT allowed in order to have a port target.

October 23rd, 2018
* Food that doesn't have a default move regen bonus now gets half of its hp regen bonus, or 1 (whichever is greater) instead of 15 * the hp regen bonus.
* Epic bonus Movement Regen Bonus is now a flat bonus, capped at 8.

October 23rd, 2018
* I owe everyone an apology.  As of Aug 13, 2014, the wisdom spell damage reduction has been using the caster's wisdom instead of the target's.  That's finally fixed.
* Energy containment now blocks less damage from elemental spells.

October 22nd, 2018
* Finally reverted the mess with Trolls using 2h weapons in 1h, and added Trolls to the giant avoidance innate so the helpfile would be accurate.
* Items no longer sink immediately when dropped (it takes about 3-4 minutes).
* Items flagged to levitate no longer sink at all.
* Certain item types that sink are no longer converted to shields.

October 21st, 2018
* You no longer lose epic bonuses when you lose frags.
* Characters affected by slow now still get at least one attack per round.
* There is no longer a 4 attack maximum per round for BeRSeRKeR rage.
* The spell 'aura sight' once again gives detect invisible and sense life above level 41.
* The spell 'concealment' once again gives Shadowmages hide when not cast in a water room (Swamp / Slime rooms are not water rooms).
* The extremely old bug with the spell 'protection from undead' always casting on the caster even when it says it's casting on another character has been fixed.
* You can no longer cast any sort of wall spells using a potion, scroll, staff, or wand.
* Trolls now have the same limits on 2h weapons as Minotaurs: They can use a 2h in primary hand as a 1h, but can only use a shield or 1h weapon in their secondary hand.
* A considerable amount of information will no longer show up in PvP logs:
 -Checking score will no longer reveal: Coins in Bank, Playing Time, Received Data, Send Data, Title, Group Leader, Master, Followers, Epic points, Task, Epic Bonus, Consenting, Stat Pool Timeout, or Bartender Quests.
 -Using the quest command should no longer show anything in PvP logs.
 -Partial quest completions should no longer show up in PvP logs.
* The dark rod named 'Punisher' now hits a little harder.
* The masters set no longer has a typo when you remove an item.
* The spell 'frost beacon' now procs when someone enters the room instead of leaves.
 -The chance for noticing you've been spotted has been tweaked and is based on caster's wisdom, target's intelligence, save spell, target's size, and level difference.
* Each wipe will now automatically have auction money pickups disabled for the first week.
 -The time of the first boot after each wipe will be recorded for the duration of the wipe (I'm not sure what else it may be useful for).
* You should no longer get bartender quests for The Chasm of the Misty Vale (the old one). 
* The Shock Reaver spell 'lliendils stormshock' now gives better descriptions to the victim in score when it afflicts them.
* Numerous typos have been fixed.

September 22nd, 2018
* Updated level cap so the cap is 30 for all like circle levels, since it's the "spec" level.
* The spell 'molten spray' now does less damage if you're not an Elementalist.
* The spell 'scathing wind' now does more damage if unsaved rather than it being harder to save when cast by an Elementalist.
* You can now see mines in the room at night with normal dayvision.
* Mobs that are supposed to go to a random spot on EC no longer have a path to get to KK instead.
* Mobs no longer try to spam cast 'dread blade' without a weapon to cast it on.
* Mobs no longer try to spam cast 'shambler' when on an invalid terrain.
* It should now be easier to figure out that a haze filled glowing archway is the portal out of the newbie zone II, Ailvio.
* The first-week disable for auction pickup of platinum has expired.
* The spell 'frost beacon' no longer always shows a message to the person triggering the block.  It is based on the wisdom of the caster, the intelligence of the victim, and the level difference between them (and a bit of randomness).

September 21st, 2018
* Numerous typos fixed.
 -The word "blonde" is a noun referring to a female with blond hair.  All other uses of the word blond, are spelled without an e.
* A longsword named "Whistler" should be a relevant item again.
* The helpfile for Instruments has been updated, explaining that you can 'lore <instrument>' to get its level.
* You no longer need detect magic up in order to see faerie sight in score.
* You can now ride mounts through the ocean (at a highly increased movement cost - You try keeping your head above the waves with some jerk in platemail on your back).
* You can now dismount while on a mount and in water if you have a boat to use.
* Minotaur rage now grants an extra attack (does not give more than one with multiple stacks).
* BeRSeRKeR rage no longer counts as a stack towards Minotaur rage.
* Minotaur rage now procs a little more often for BeRSeRKeRs and Monks.
* The spell 'frost beacon' now gives a message to the victim when it spots them (soon to have a chance for victim not to notice).

September 18th, 2018
* Reaver Update:
 -Reaver spec teachers can now be targeted by their spec (flame/ice/shock).  I still need to make an Earth Reaver spec teacher.
 -All the Reaver spec spells that buff weapons now require the weapon to be wielded in primary or secondary hand to be buffed.
 -The upper buffs for weapons require the lower circle buffs to be on them first.
 -The buffs will be removed if the weapon is removed.
 -Each buff now has a tag that shows after the weapon when checking equipment / looking at the Reaver.
 -Reavers once again get 'eshabalas vitality', but it has reduced effectiveness.
 -All of the Reaver spec spell weapon buffs now actually do stuff.
 -The spell 'ferrix precision' now gives some max agility at higher levels.
* Nunchucks are no longer numchucks.
* Getting coin objects from a container now shows the item you got, not "some coins."
* Rangers once again get the spell 'mielikki vitality'.
* The spell 'mielikki vitality' now has reduced effectiveness when not cast by a Druid.
* Spec mobs now use their spec spells (there was an issue with them thinking they never had a slot for them).
* Mounts summoned at level 8 can no longer have 0 max hitpoints.
* The command for death's door can now be used at level 20.
* Minotaur rage now has a decent setting for proc rate for the classes: Mercenary, BeRSeRKeR, Monk, and Warrior.
* Bartenders now let you know how long until you can do another quest.
* Updated a few of the toggle hint messages.
* The recall command now has a ? option to show options.
* Cleaned up the ansi on nchat.  Added a : to "You tell your racewar" for consistency.
* You can now differentiate between 'minor globe of invulnerability' and major 'globe of invulnerability' if you have 'detect magic' up.
* The duplicate message for song of protection in score has been removed.

September 15th, 2018
...---===   We have wiped.   ===---...
* Load percentage minimum raised from 50% to 67%.
 -After a failed load, the next item is guaranteed to load.
 -The exception is artifacts which have 1/2 chance to load (max 50%).
* Typo in the spell 'aid' fixed.
* Groundfighting now significantly reduces bonus damage while not standing, but does not eliminate it entirely.
 -You take 1/3 of the normal bonus damage.
* Immobile mobs (para/sleep/bound) no longer auto-stand.
* Teleport items should now give better messages.
* The innate 'Spirit of the Rrakkma' now gives more ac and more shrug (almost the same cap on shrug) per Githzerai in group.
* The Chasm of the Misty Vale has gotten an update and is now The Chasm of the Misty Vale.
 -The old zone is not entirely removed from the game, but should be unreachable.
 -The new zone is bigger and has three exits from the zone that are player accessible.
 -The new zone has an epic stone awarded upon quest completion.
* The unique, the wailing face of a drow banshee, got a facelift to become the wailing face of a pygmie banshee.
* Hybrid herbs now give less benefits when smoked.
* Outposts are disabled for this wipe.
* The Conjurer spec spells 'electrical execution', 'dread wave', 'magma burst', and 'acidimmolate' now all stack rather than extend.
* The messages for 'magma burst' now show properly.
* The spell 'dread wave' now has 4 waves for the Water Magus spec, and 2-3 for others.
* The "& - L" ansi on the website no longer shows, although it doesn't do anything either atm.
* All the shield spells (fireshield, coldshield, etc) no longer show messages if terse is toggled.
* The Holyman soulshield procs have been slightly nerfed.
* The spell 'firebrand' no longer shows a shrug message and continues 50% of the time.
* The spell 'psychic crush' now casts 30% faster.
 -Its damage has been reduced by about 10%.
* The spell 'detonate' does about 30 more damage.
* The spell 'pyrokinesis' got an overhaul:
 -Damage decreased slightly, but not applies both fire and psionic damage to PCs as well as NPCs.
 -The additional damage Pyrokinetics do now increases with power.
 -Damage from a failed save was increased to match similar spells.
 -There is now a chance to reduce combat speed when it hits hard.
 -When cast on a fire-based character, the caster now uses their understanding of fire to try to slow or stun the target and applies only psionic damage.
 -Some of the energy is also diverted to increased psionic damage on fire-based targets.
* Summoned mounts now are 2 levels lower (can no longer be above the level of the summoner).
* Summoned mounts now have 20% less hitpoints.
* Cavaliers' mounts now get accelerated healing perm, instead of regeneration, at level 51+.
* Paladin and Anti-Paladin mounts now have a higher base ac and gain less ac per level.
* Mounted characters no longer receive damage reduction from having armor class below 0.
* Races that lost 50 moves: Quadruped, Dracolich, Wraith, Shadow, Asura, Titan, Avatar, Bralani, Incubus, Sucubbus, Deva.
* Beholderkin lost 25 moves, and Spectre lost 40.
* Increased Disharmonist Song of Harming damage by 20%.
* Songs of Harmony, Discord, and Storms all have slightly increased damage.
* Rapier and dirk chance to work doubled.
* Horns, spears, and tridents are now considered dirks, if they are one-handed.
* Rapier and dirk damage reduction increased 5%, and damage bonus increased 5%.
* Failed leg sweeps now move you to kneeling instead of prone.
* Whirlwind movement drain down 20%.
* Moved movement drain property into dam_factor array.
* Changed ansi on the wear-off message for whirlwind.
* Whirlwind now lasts between 5 and 20 sec based on level.
* Whirlwind now reduces the current combat pulse when activated.
* Whirlwind now reduces the combat pulse even more.
* Whirlwind now shows the wear-off message when running out of moves.
* Whirlwind now stops when you have less than 2x the amount of drain, instead of dropping you below 0 moves.
* Blade barrage now verifies that nobody fled inbetween attacks.
* Blade barrrage now sends a message to the Ranger when it finishes.
* The delay for blade barrage is now skill based instead of level based.
* The cooldown for blade barrage has been reduced.
* The spell 'asphyxiate' does slightly less damage per wave.
* After using 'innate shift astral', you will be granted a 4 second hide.
 -This hide is removed if you move before the 4 seconds are up, but you can save to rehide (until the 4 secs are up).
* Minotaur rage now procs slightly more often and can have 2 stacks.
 -A second stack is slightly less effective than a first stack.
 -It is possible to have two lesser stacks if you get a third second stack between when the first wears off and when the second wears off.
* Minotaur rage now gives some max strength as well.
* The rage skill now reduces combat pulse, counts as a stack of Minotaur rage, and the damage bonus from rage is decreased slightly.
* Auction pickup disabled for the first week of the wipe.