The death of [32 Tempest Magus] Mebur (Shade)

in Mock Combat Chamber

from the perspective of [32 Tempest Magus] Mebur (Shade)

Mock Combat Chamber
   A huge ring is erected in the center of the chamber. On either side of it
benches are ready to give a tired warrior a rest. The ring has a diameter of
ten feet. Inside the ring, warriors fight in mock combat. Many of them are
breathing heavily. the ring of steel fills the area as they battle. A huge rack
of mock combat weapons remains dormant along the northern wall of the chamber.
Obvious exits: -West 
A small raven totem lies here.
A small limestone totem lies here.
A small ivory totem lies here.
[3] A small bandage rests upon the ground here.
[3] A sturdy looking wooden club has been left here.
[3] A stout cudgel carved from oak wood lies here.
[3] A gnoby piece of wood, perhaps a small mace, lies here.
[2] A steel long sword has been left here.
[2] A steel short sword lies discarded here.
[2] A long steel sword is here in the dirt.
[2] A steel dagger about a foot in length lies here.
[2] A steel dagger has been tossed aside here.
[2] A warhammer with a sturdy-looking steel head lies here.
A Shadow Beast (large) stands here.
A sparring warrior battles another minotaur.
A sparring warrior battles another minotaur.
A training warrior practices in mock combat.

< 1h/226H 104v/120V Pos: standing >
You sit down and relax.

< 1h/226H 108v/120V Pos: sitting >
You currently have the following spell slots available:
  1st circle:  0 of 10   (  50 seconds)
  2nd circle:  0 of  9   (  63 seconds)
  3rd circle:  0 of  8   (  68 seconds)
  4th circle:  0 of  7   (  70 seconds)
  5th circle:  0 of  6   (  66 seconds)
  6th circle:  0 of  4   (  49 seconds)
  7th circle:  0 of  2   (  26 seconds)

Your mind drifts into a deep meditation and the spirits of storms and ice speak to you.

< 1h/226H 111v/120V Pos: sitting >
-=[Tiny explosions wrack your body with pain!]=-