The death of [46 Dark Dreamer] Jelli (Shade)

in Vella's Room of Seduction

from the perspective of [46 Dark Dreamer] Jelli (Shade)

<held>               a spellbook

Vella's Room of Seduction
  This room has the biggest, most soft pillows of all around and several
arousing little toys lie about the room, showing much wear. There are
several mirrors about the walls, and inbetween each mirror, on the wood
different exotic pictures have been hung, even on the ceiling. There
are also several shelves were more sex toys are stored along with some
various types of food.
Obvious exits: -South
A tired traveler staggers about looking for some relaxation.
Vella, the great slut, is here strutting her stuff.

< 24h/216H 120v/120V Pos: standing >
A Gnome snaps into visibility.

< 24h/216H 120v/120V Pos: standing >
A Gnome completes his spell...
A Gnome utters the words 'waowa mosagh'
Two pillars of white flame leap from a Gnome's outstreached palms enveloping you in a fiery inferno.
The flames cause your skin to smoke!
-=[The fire burns hot as it consumes your flesh!]=-