The death of [44 Necrolyte] Ansuz Dakhira (Drow Elf)

in The Tavern of the Decapitated Dwarves

from the perspective of [44 Necrolyte] Ansuz Dakhira (Drow Elf)

The Tavern of the Decapitated Dwarves
Obvious exits: -E -S
A warhammer with a sturdy-looking steel head lies here.
[21] A small bandage rests upon the ground here.
[2] A sturdy looking wooden club has been left here.
[2] A stout cudgel carved from oak wood lies here.
[2] A gnoby piece of wood, perhaps a small mace, lies here.
A durable looking footman's flail lies discarded here.
A large black leather whip lies coiled here.
[5] A steel dagger about a foot in length lies here.
[2] A spellbook has been tossed aside here.
[4] A steel long sword has been left here.
[5] A steel short sword lies discarded here.
[5] A long steel sword is here in the dirt.
[4] A steel dagger has been tossed aside here.
[5] A small leather-bound book lies here.
A huge bipedal creature made out of glowing red stone stands here.

< 1h/200H 70v/120V Pos: standing >
Hint: You can sell equipment for money at shops.  However, most stores only purchase certain types of equipment.  Shop around!

< 4h/200H 90v/120V Pos: standing >

< 6h/200H 100v/120V Pos: standing >

< 8h/200H 107v/120V Pos: standing >
You aren't wearing anything!

< 8h/200H 109v/120V Pos: standing >
Experience till level: 3491173

< 8h/200H 111v/120V Pos: standing >

< 8h/200H 111v/120V Pos: standing >

< 12h/200H 120v/120V Pos: standing >

< 15h/200H 120v/120V Pos: standing >

< 19h/200H 120v/120V Pos: standing >
Hint: When casting offensive spells make sure you are careful about noticing new mobs entering with the same target name.

< 19h/200H 120v/120V Pos: standing >

< 20h/200H 120v/120V Pos: standing >

< 21h/200H 120v/120V Pos: standing >
An orc guard snaps into visibility.
Out of nowhere, an orc guard stabs you in the back.