The death of [32 Air Magus] Fiene Mutinous Militia (Human)

in Rising Sun Inn

from the perspective of [56 Wildmage] Laeallah -*Clan DemonRage*- (Kobold)

<worn as a badge>    the bronze Zarbonesti seal of Kryz'Kyssik of endurance (magic)
<worn on head>       the great helm of mysticism (glowing)
<worn on eyes>       the eyes of the High Forest (glowing) [82%]
<worn in ear>        the living essence of Dranum of dexterity (magic)
<worn in ear>        an emerald disc fashioned from bone (magic) [88%]
<worn on face>       a splintered dragon scale [poor]
<worn around neck>   a cloak of dragons (magic) (glowing)
<worn around neck>   a cloak of dragons (magic) (glowing)
<worn on body>       a spiked suit of fluted dragonscale [superior] (magic)
<worn about body>    a thin dragonskin cloak coated with brass [superior] (magic)
<worn on tail>       a tiny seashell (invis) (magic)
<worn as quiver>     the ancient sheath of *-* Clan BloodLust *-* of endurance (magic) (glowing)
<worn about waist>   the mystical sash of the Netherworld (magic) (glowing) [88%]
<worn on belt buckle>a soul sceptre of regeneration (magic) (glowing)
<attached to belt>   a small book bound in red dragon hatchling hide of wisdom (magic) [86%]
<attached to belt>   a small book bound in red dragon hatchling hide [poor] (magic)
<worn on arms>       some blue dragonscale shoulder guards (magic) [89%]
<held as shield>     the shield of the battle dragon (magic)
<worn around wrist>  a bracelet of finger bones [superior]
<worn around wrist>  the ancestral bracelet of Sevenoaks (magic)
<worn on hands>      the sacred stone claws of Aan [superior] (magic) [73%]
<worn on finger>     a ring of the Neogi Lords [superior] (glowing)
<worn on finger>     a ring of the Neogi Lords [superior] (glowing)
<primary weapon>     the shadowy staff of damnation (magic) (glowing)
<worn on legs>       some leggings of red flames [superior] (magic)
<worn on feet>       the slippers of rot and decay

Rising Sun Inn
Obvious exits: -W -D
A Minotaur, raised in the city, wanders about.
A Human (medium)  Mutinous Militia stands in mid-air here. (Non-Fraggable)

< 1092h/1092H 148v/148V Pos: standing >
Your Terminal mode is now: MSP .

< 1092h/1092H 148v/148V Pos: standing >

< 1092h/1092H 148v/148V Pos: standing >
Owner               Artifact

Lae                 the blackened staff of Netheril
Jixan               the dagger of Wind
Drin                the holy flamberge of the efreeti
Drin                Avernus the life stealer
Drin                Doombringer, the sword of chaos

         Goodies:      4
         Evils:        1
         Total:        5

< 1092h/1092H 148v/148V Pos: standing >
Owner               Unique

Jixan               a wispy astral-twined mindstone ring
Rogth               the orb of the sea
Rogth               the staff of blue flames
Lae                 the crown of Aramus
Hans                a carved dragonbone longbow called "Eternity"
Rogth               the robe of Lost Souls
Rogth               the black skull of Sakaslan, the destroyer
Rogth               a gilded Songbird charm
Xanan               the glittering cloak of the sprite queen, Faelarae
Absu                a cold saber called 'icicle'
Rogth               a sword of the whirlwinds
Jixan               the mask of wildmagic
Drano               some fingerless gloves of su-monster skin
Hans                some platinum linked sleeves of life
Rogth               a haze of swirling green vapor
Drin                the wicked-looking scimitar of Demogorgon
Eilks               Tsunami, the trident of storms
Rogth               the eyes of the mindflayer
Rogth               a death ring of Tezcatlipoca
Drin                an obsidian buckle named "Rage"
Raksha              a swirling staff of air conjuration
Drin                the terrifying visage of the great wraith Dranum
Lae                 the cloak of the stalker
Lae                 the dark heart of Dreggan Wood

         Goodies:      17
         Evils:        7
         Total:        24

< 1092h/1092H 148v/148V Pos: standing >
Owner               Ioun

Lae                 a dark purple ioun stone
Jixan               a LARGE green ioun stone
Rogth               a bright green ioun stone

         Goodies:      2
         Evils:        1
         Total:        3

< 1092h/1092H 148v/148V Pos: standing >
Epic Zones -----------------------------------------

   Heaven                                        (neutral)       
   The Twisting Tunnels of the Durian Underdark  (neutral)       
   Arcorar - the Great King Forest               (neutral)       
   Court of the Muse                             (neutral)       
   The Chasm of the Misty Vale                   (neutral)       
  *The Battlefield                               (slightly evil) 
   The Swamp Laboratory of Khul'Lor              (neutral)       
   Clan Stoutdorf Settlement                     (slightly evil) 
   Kobold Settlement                             (extremely evil)
   The High Moor Forest                          (neutral)       
   The Stone Tomb of Kelek                       (slightly evil) 
   Orrak                                         (neutral)       
   Pits of Cerberus                              (slightly evil) 
   Myrloch Vale                                  (neutral)       
   Pharr Valley Swamp                            (neutral)       
   Village of Werrun                             (good)          
   Nizari                                        (neutral)       
   The Dark Stone Tower of the Northern Realms   (neutral)       
   Tower of High Sorcery                         (slightly good) 
   Bloodstone Keep                               (neutral)       
  *The Temple of the Sun                         (evil)          
   The Elemental Groves                          (neutral)       
   Temple of Flames                              (evil)          
   Drustl's Yerdonia Enslaved                    (neutral)       
  *The Obsidian Citadel                          (slightly evil) 
   The Ruins of Undermountain                    (neutral)       
   The Mountain of the Banished                  (neutral)       
   Nakral's Crypt                                (slightly evil) 
  *The Outcasts Tower                            (very good)     
   Fort Boyard                                   (neutral)       
   Crystalspyre Mountains                        (neutral)       
   The Prisons of Carthapia                      (neutral)       
   Faerie Realm                                  (neutral)       
   The Ruins of Tharnadia's Old Quarter          (neutral)       
   The Fields Between                            (neutral)       
  *The Githyanki Fortress                        (slightly evil) 
   Labyrinth of No Return                        (neutral)       
   The Desert City of Venan'Trut                 (neutral)       
   Rogue Plains                                  (neutral)       
   City of Torrhan                               (slightly good) 
   The Lair of the Swamp Troll King              (neutral)       
  *Zalkapfaan, City of the Headless Horde        (slightly evil) 
   New Cave city                                 (neutral)       
   Ice Tower                                     (slightly good) 
   Desolate Under Fire                           (neutral)       
   The Citadel                                   (neutral)       
   The Twin Keeps of Devastated Tharnadia        (neutral)       
  *IceCrag Castle                                (slightly good) 
   Prison of Fort Boyard                         (neutral)       
   The Ancient Halls of Ironstar                 (neutral)       
   The Jade Empire                               (slightly evil) 
   Mazzolin                                      (neutral)       
   Forest of Mir                                 (neutral)       
  *Quintaragon Castle                            (slightly good) 
   The Sky City of Ultarium                      (slightly evil) 
   Lair of the Gibberling King                   (slightly evil) 
   Plane of Air                                  (slightly evil) 
   The Kingdom of Torg                           (neutral)       
   Tribal Oasis                                  (slightly evil) 
   The Para-Elemental Plane of Smoke             (neutral)       
   Plane of Water                                (neutral)       
   Shadamehr Keep                                (neutral)       
   The Temple to Skrentherlog                    (neutral)       
   Alatorin - the Forge City                     (neutral)       
   The Trakkia Mountains                         (evil)          
  *The Ethereal Plane                            (neutral)       
  *The Caverns of Armageddon                     (evil)          
   The Forest City of Aravne                     (neutral)       
   Plane of Fire                                 (neutral)       
   Ruined Temple of Tezcatlipoca                 (neutral)       
  *The Astral Plane                              (neutral)       
  *Jotunheim                                     (slightly good) 
   The Transparent Tower                         (neutral)       
   Krethik Keep                                  (neutral)       
   Temple of the Earth                           (neutral)       
   Sea Kingdom                                   (neutral)       
   Plane of Earth                                (neutral)       
  *Sevenoaks                                     (slightly good) 
   The Keep of Evil                              (neutral)       
  *The Forgotten Mansion                         (slightly good) 
   Domain of Lost Souls                          (slightly evil) 
   The Hall of Knighthood                        (neutral)       
   The Depths of Duris                           (neutral)       
   Arachdrathos Guilds                           (neutral)       
   Valley of the Snow Ogres                      (neutral)       
   The Great Shaboath                            (neutral)       
   The Tempest Court                             (neutral)       
  *Pit of Dragons                                (neutral)       
   Ny'Neth                                       (neutral)       
  *Lost Temple of Tikitzopl                      (evil)          
   The Scorched Valley                           (neutral)       
   The Realm of Barovia                          (neutral)       
   The Royal Mausoleum of Castle IceCrag         (neutral)       
   Plane of Fire, Brass                          (neutral)       
   Githzerai Stronghold                          (neutral)       
   Ceothia                                       (neutral)       
   Tiamat                                        (neutral)       
   The Fortress of Dreams                        (neutral)       
   Bahamut's Palace                              (neutral)       
   Dragonnia                                     (neutral)       
   The Charcoal Palace                           (neutral)       
   Vecna's Tomb                                  (neutral)       
   Ny'Neth's Stronghold                          (neutral)       
   Apocalypse Castle                             (neutral)       
   The Realm of Barovia Continued                (neutral)       
  *The Hall of the Ancients                      (slightly evil) 
   The Bronze Citadel                            (neutral)       
   Ny'Neth's Stronghold Continued                (neutral)       
   Negative Material Plane                       (neutral)       
   Celestial Plane                               (neutral)       
   The 222nd Layer of the Abyss                  (neutral)       
   Castle Ravenloft                              (neutral)       

* = already completed this boot.

< 1092h/1092H 148v/148V Pos: standing >
You start chanting...
You snap into visibility.

< 1092h/1092H 148v/148V Pos: standing >
Casting: chaotic ripple 

< 1092h/1092H 148v/148V Pos: standing >
You complete your spell...
[Damage: 153 ] -=[You shatter the fabric of reality sending ripples of ChAoTiC energy flowing into a Human.]=-
Clutching his head a Human tries to escape the
maddening images circling him.
A Human is stunned!
[Damage: 51 ] -=[BOOOOOOOOOM!
a Human explodes in flames as a GIGANTIC fireball engulfs him.]=-
[Damage: 23 ] -=[Twin bolts of writhing power slam into a Human's chest.]=-
A Human's pair of cotton-weave greaves [poor] freezes and shatters into million pieces from the intense cold!
A Human is dead! R.I.P.
You receive your share of experience.
Experience(KILL): Laeallah by 180000.