The death of [46 Controller] Yustro Mutinous Militia (Halfling)

in The Center of Market Square

from the perspective of [46 Controller] Yustro Mutinous Militia (Halfling)

The Center of Market Square
Obvious exits: -N -E -S -W
[5] A small bandage rests upon the ground here.
[2] A large wooden torch has been discarded here.
A sturdy looking wooden club has been left here.
A stout cudgel carved from oak wood lies here.
A gnoby piece of wood, perhaps a small mace, lies here.
A steel long sword has been left here.
A steel short sword lies discarded here.
A long steel sword is here in the dirt.
A steel dagger about a foot in length lies here.
A steel dagger has been tossed aside here.
A durable looking footman's flail lies discarded here.
A large black leather whip lies coiled here.
A warhammer with a sturdy-looking steel head lies here.
A large two-handed sword has been left here.
A large two-handed sword has been left here.
A great flail has been carelessly left here.
An ornate fountain stands here shooting water into the air.

< 1h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >
You stretch your toes feeling much more comfortable with unconstrained feet.

< 1h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >

< 2h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >

< 3h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >
You say in halfling 'lagged out somehow and died'

< 4h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >
A fuzzy duckling enters from the east.

< 5h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >

< 6h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >
Experience till level: 9805045

< 8h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >
These are the mystical commands for conjuring:
(conjure stat <number> - reveal statistical properties about this minion.)
(conjure summon <number> - call the minion into existence.)
(conjure remove <number> - permanently remove the minion from your book.)
You have learned the following Mobs:
 Mob Number              Mob Name                     Lvl Classes
   400003    a lesser conjured being                   25 War
    28306    Gyliana                                   48 Bar
    16529    Lomar, the great bard                     50 Bar
    11306    Flog, the troll guardian                  51 War
     6729    the grey elven priestess of the Muse      46 Ilu

< 8h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >
A fuzzy duckling leaves north.

< 10h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >
Dark dreamer - Last Edited: 2014-07-31 02:43:47 by lohrr
"Dark Dreamers" are specialized illusionists can twist reality through
their keen knowledge of shadow magic. Learned Dark Dreamers have embraced
the netherworld, and can perform unique magics. They have a renown ability
to recover quickly from dream and shadow travel.

==See Also==
* Illusionist

==Allowed races==
* Human, Drow Elf, Grey Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Orc, Githyanki, Goblin, Githzerai, Kobold

==Innate abilities==


8th Circle: shadow merging
9th Circle: shadow spawn
10th Circle: gate to ardgral

< 12h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >
Your uglier side seems to eminate as you call forth your minion.
You utter a quick incantation, calling forth Gyliana who softly says 'Your wish is my command, master!'
Gyliana starts following you.

< 16h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >
Gyliana is now a member of your group.

< 17h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >
You give Gyliana an order.
Gyliana starts singing aloud with a beautiful voice.

< 18h/225H 101v/101V Pos: standing >
Cheb snaps into visibility.
Out of nowhere, Cheb stabs you in the back.